Monday, May 16, 2011

Cain Continues to Gain...

To those who would still cry racism in this day and age: Herman Cain is picking up suppport from White, Southern, Conservative Bible Thumpers. I know this does not make him"authentically black" in the Je$$e Jackass mold, but it tells you an awful lot about how society has changed many of it's prevailing attitudes, and how libtards -- and the people they live their parasitical lifestyle off of them -- have, conveniently, been silent about it.

Herman is kicking ass and taking names, and don't be surprised if his brand of straight-talking-no-nonsense conservatism -- that doesn't require the invocation of the deity every five seconds -- doesn't gain him even more converts going forward.

Update: Why Herman Cain is an appealing candidate. Like we needed anyone to explain it to us?

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