Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Poetic Justice?

French Commie Rapist (sorry, that's redundant) may have contracted AIDS from his victim.

I was really hoping to not have to post anything on this case because, well, Dominique Strauss-Khan is a fucking Frog and everyone knows that Frogs are opportunistic little douchebags with a penchant for disgusting and deviant behavior, all the while brandishing the club of their 'superior' culture that hasn't achieved a damned thing that one could proudly brag about (except for maybe a burqa ban, and the invention of the pre-printed surrender form addressed 'To Whom it May Concern...") for the last 100 years.

It's hardly worth the effort to refer to the French at all.

I hope he does get AIDS. I hope he gets full-blown, monkeys-flying-out-of-his-ass, radioactive, scabs-on-top-of-other-scabs, dripping-like-a-Good-Humor-Bar-in-August, excructiating-pains-and-constant-simultaneous-vomiting-and-explosive-diarrhea-type AIDS, and that it progresses at light-speed so that it's terminal phase begins while he's still in a cell at Rikers. I hope they let him loose to be ass-raped by all the other criminals in there, so that they'll all die exceptionally quickly and horribly -- which is what criminals should do -- and save us hundreds of millions of dollars because we won't have to house, feed, or provide medical care and legal services to these parasites.

The courts would suddenly become unclogged.

The Parole Boards would suddenly have nothing to do.

Half the psychiatrists in the state would be immediately unemployed, and have to flip burgers for a living.

The crime rate would plummet as people were given a graphic example of just why you don't want to go to prison -- so fucking behave yourself.

Prisons would shut down for lack of inmates.

I understand the titllation factor involved but let's get this straight: most European Men are half-rapists to begin with, it's just that European Women are so notoriously easy and fatalistic about the whole thing. What passes for rape in America is simply foreplay in France. Just ask Julian Assange. It's even worse in Italy.

Some will be shocked and dismayed by apparent lack of restraint. Ask me if I care.

Still, the whole thing gives you some small hope that there is some cosmic justice after all, doesn't it?

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