Monday, January 04, 2010

Perhaps They Could Remove That Brain Tumor, Too?

Oh, wait; That's his brain!

Senator John "Lurch" Kerry is undergoing his second hip replacement today. Presumably, he wore the last one out putting his foot in his mouth as often as he does. I assume there was no government panel to review his worthiness for such medical largess, and the Senator has private insurance...or does he have a plan sponsored by the government that will look nothing like the one he advocates for the rest us? You know, one of those "Cadillac Plans" that needs to be taxed within an inch of it's life?

Because under that system, too, John Kerry would still receive a second hip replacement, and you wouldn't. Health Care Reform is about taking away from those who pay for their healthcare and giving it to those who don't. Those for whom money is no object (because they're very good at marrying wealthy widows) have no real dog in this fight; they can afford the free market, easily. Those at the top of the Healthcare Food Chain; the elite, nothing will ever change. They'll still have access to the best doctors and the best care. The only rationing will be amongst the peasants. I'll bet it even says as much in that 2,500 page monstrosity that Harry Reid is hiding.

In the case of Senator Kerry and the "Congressional Queen Mary Healthcare Plan" (the one all Congresscritters get at taxpayer expense, don't pay taxes on, and which will be left entirely intact while the government dismantles 1/6 of the U.S.Economy), it entitles him to as many hip replacements, hemorrhoid treatments, and all the hair plugs and prostate exams as the taxpayer can afford.

People who get free rides shouldn't be allowed to make this sort of policy. People who are fortunate enough to receive second hip replacements should probably be a little more circumspect about talking healthcare in public, and certainly about taking the privilege away from people who work damned hard to pay for their own insurance.

Hypocrisy deserves a few days off, Senator.

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