Friday, January 08, 2010

This Just In: Robert Gibbs is a Douchebag...

At 12:55 p.m., Robert Gibbs, the Administration mouthpiece grandly announced that job loss for the last three months of 2009 averaged 69,000 per month, and this signalled an improvement from the 660,000+ per month for the first nine months of the same year.

He concludes from this that job loss is now one-tenth of what it was, and that is a sign of an improving economy, and then hedges that rosy forecast with a little tidbit about how this is not good enough. If Mr. Gibbs, or any of the Obama Titanic Team had ever worked in the public sector, they would know how to read an unemployment report as well as they try to spin it, and know more than they appear to do about basic economics.

If the rate of job loss decreases -- "slows" as the Obamatards say -- but unemployment rates remain the same it's not necessarily a harbinger of a nascent economic's simply means there are no more jobs to lose! Companies have now pared their rosters down to the bone, and now any future job loss will probably be caused by employers going out of business, or moving their operations overseas to avoid that entirely. This "slowing number" is not an indicator of an economic recovery just-around-the-corner.

It's only when the number of unemployed begins to decrease -- or to put it in those famously contradictory and obfuscatory Obamatard economic terms -- when the number of people not getting new jobs, or number of people not sitting home watching daytime TV instead of doing something productive begins to "slow" -- can one begin to assume economic recovery.

Gibbs (and the assholes who sent him out and told him to repeat this bit of bullshit) should be ashamed of themselves.

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