Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Terrorist Whack-A-Mole...

You know that carnival game, Whack-A-Mole, where mechanical furry creatures poke their heads out of a few cutouts in a tabletop and you try to whack them with a plush mallet? Listening to all the talk about terrorism nowadays, I get the impression that our so-called leaders are playing that game right now...and they don't realize it.

First, Bill Clinton bombed some aspirin factories in Sudan, in an attempt to get Osama Bin Hidin'. All he accomplished was to chase Osama to Afghanistan, where Al'Qeada hit us again with the September 11th attacks. G.W.B sent troops to Afghanistan to get OBL, and chased him into Pakistan, and now Obambi is using drones to pop terrorist scum in Pakistan and chasing them to Yemen.

And now all the talk in terrorism is about Yemen being the new front in the Overseas-Contingency-Operations-on-Man-Caused-Disasters. But it shouldn't be; if you chase Al'Qeada into Yemen, it'll fight for a while, then melt away to reform someplace else with a weak government and enough head-cases to adopt Islam, like Somalia or Algeria or something. We'll spend forever chasing them from country to country, and we won't be getting any closer to the source of the problem.

The problem is Radical Islam. It's an ideology that has grafted the political to the religious. The problem began in Iran with Khomeini, it has spread across the world -- thanks to the Saudis and their link with Wahabbism -- and it is firmly established in Europe... and American Prisons.

The Undibomber and Richard Reid were not radicalized in Yemen; they were recruited in London. Most of the 9/11 bombers were not radicalized in the Middle East, but in the capitols of Europe. Jose Padilla was not converted in Mecca, he was converted in an American prison. They learned the ideology of jihad outside of their native lands, for the most part. This is what we're fighting; an idea, and when you are fighting ideas, you have to fight twice as hard so as to make that idea mighty unattractive to future generations.

Fuck Yemen. It's an insignificant shitstain on the world map. The only good things to come from Yemen are syphilis and flies. Hardly worth the time or energy to 'save', let alone conquer. "Defeating" Al'Qaeda in Yemen will not bring us one step closer to destroying Islamofacism, it will not bring 'stability' to the Middle East, and it won't shut down a 'recruiting ground' for Al'Qaeda; it'll just waste a lot of bullets.

Concentrate on where the real problem is; there are millions of disaffected, young Muslim men walking the streets of the U.S. and Europe. They become disaffected (and angry) because they are encouraged a not to assimilate, and b) because they don't assimilate they never feel a part of their host society....and begin to resent it. They begin to become easy targets for the Imams. In Europe, outright racism is often to blame -- the French don't mind Algerians when they're out of sight, paying the taxes that let a Frenchie retire at 40 with free medical insurance, driving taxis and cleaning sewers, but they don't want to rub elbows with them in the local cafe. In the U.S. the association of Islam with the Civil Rights movement (a battle that is already won, but is continually re-fought nonetheless by the Poverty Pimps, because they get rich in the process) continues to foster an "Us vs. Them" mentality that is attractive to those who believe they haven't gotten a fair shake from America.

They find Islam an attractive ideology because it appeals to their sense of deprivation. They believe it offers the answer to their feelings of isolation and persecution. That it very often fosters those feelings in order to recruit disciples in the first place is another argument altogether.

Fix those problems (either by encouraging assimilation, or a program of massive deportation)before you decide invading another worthless country is the answer. Don't just hunt-and-annoy terrorists -- fucking kill them and make sure the world sees what it means to screw with Uncle Sam. Don't negotiate with Iran -- fucking flatten it, and do it in Prime Time so the world sees that we're serious about the security of Israel and our Allies. Don't let the Saudi's off scott-free because we want to buy their oil -- make them clean up their own mess, and then let's drill for our own oil right here and put them out of business. Don't let the same conditions that allowed the rise of radical Islam in Europe to establish themselves here; we should be out in the streets protesting Islam, we should be making life very uncomfortable for Muslims, we should be encouraging a program of "Assimilation or Deportation", and telling the truth about what Islamofascism really stands for.

Islam has never solved any one's problems, it has merely made them worse. If the West is not determined to fight for it's very survival by the same tactics that it used to defeat the Nazis, then we will be doomed to a continuous future that resembles the present: there will be more Undibombers, or future-Colonbombers, or Minature Toy Chihuahua Bombers, we'll still be sending soldiers around the world to be shot at and maimed in gun battles with no tangible results, and we'll spend enormous amounts of treasure while we're at at it. Islamofascism will still stand, and it'll still be drawing people to it's banner.

Make the effort to destroy the ideology by showing that it is, ultimately, a hopeless path; it must be shown to be bankrupt -- morally, spiritually, materially, politically, militarily -- before people begin to loose faith in it. Once they've lost that faith, they will no longer support it. The only way to encourage that loss of faith is to do some very mean and disgusting things that send a message that cannot be misread -- this is what we are willing to do in our defense, and to bring about your your defeat. You dare not screw with us.

Stop playing games. Start whacking people. In very large numbers.

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