Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Muslim-Only Airport Lines...

(H/T to the ClosetConservative).

Great idea! Only, I'd rather Muslims not be allowed anywhere near an airport at all, and if they must fly, that they do so on Muslim carriers.

And so long as they're leaving America on those flights, I think we can dispense with all that stuff about buying one-way tickets with cash...

And for all of you who might scream about the gross violation of Civil Rights that this idea suggests, I say this:

I will stand up for your (Muslim's) right not to be hassled or singled-out, just as soon as you stand up for my right not to be atomized in Coach.

If you (Muslims) truly wish to be a part of this society, if you really, really, REALLY want to be Americans, and enjoy all that comes with that, you're going to have to make an effort to assimilate. You're going to have to turn in your crazy brothers and uncles. You're going to have to stop murdering your wives and daughters because they wear lipstick. You're Stateside now; you're shitty, outdated, barbaric, fucked-up-beyond-all-belief-apeshit-crazy cultural norms don't apply here. We don't go for vaginal mutilation to insure fidelity, for example. We don't hold with the idea that you can shout "Death to America" in the Mosque and then expect America to embrace you in public. Get with the program. The problem is not US, it's YOU.

Until you do, until you stand up to the disease that came with your culture (Islamic Radicalism) don't be surprised that people view you with suspicion, and even hatred.

I know that not all Muslims are suicide bombers, but it appears that all suicide bombers are Muslim. Fix that, and then we can talk about Civil Rights, because without the sense of security that comes from a peaceful and law-abiding community, there ain't no civil discourse, and there ain't no civil rights.

And Earl Ofari Hutchinson is a whining poverty pimp who will shill for whoever pays him today. What an asshole.


Sabra said...

This was front page in both of our English language newspapers, here, today. Cannot wait to see what the letters to the editor say tomorrow...

Matthew said...

Of course it was. I'll save you some anticipation anxiety, Sabra. Those letters will say:

Death to America!

America is a Racist Country!

America is the Enemy of the Muslim People!

America and it's Saudi Royal Puppets are the true enemies of Islam!

And more stuff in that vein...

The fact that in some parts of the Muslim world, the occupation that most children aspire to is "Martyr" will be completely lost on them. THAT is the reason why we in the West are even discussing this sort of extreme measure, and not one of your letter-writers will make mention of it.