Friday, January 08, 2010

C-in-C has a Spammer on Her Behind...

Conservative in The Closet has been the victim of a feeble attempt to spam her site by some misguided Mooslimb headcase. You can read about it here and here. I'm asking you guys to stop by and offer her a word of support, if you would? Let her know we're all behind her in the battles for Free Speech and against Muslim Intimidation.

He's trying to shut her down (he even reported her to Blogger) because she regularly reports on all topics Islamic and Anti-Semetic, and usually in a way which tends to cast doubt upon the "Religion of Peace", it's motives and actions, Islamic Culture, and the constant protestations that Islam seeks peace and brotherhood, which is belied by the facts that she digs up and posts.

Frankly, given the feeble attempts the troll has made to disrupt her blog to this point, it should be a relatively easy fight to win; in this battle of wits, this particular Muslim arrived completely unarmed.

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Anonymous said...

That was fun Matthew! Got my blood goin' on a dull Friday afernoon. Now I've got to go back to being sedate. --Evelyn