Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Obama Assassination Plot Foiled...

You mean them crazy White, Right-Wing, Gun-loving, God-Clinging, Bible Thumpers plotted to kill Obambi on Inauguration Day?

Ummm, not quite...

But remember: the people who told us the "System Worked" are on the job. They certainly know where to find terrorists, so Da Prezzz should be nice and safe.

(H/T to Lumpy, Frumpy and Grumpy)


Sabra said...

I call B.S. that there was EVER an assassination plot on him. Ever! It is all a ploy for sympathy.

Honestly, "they" just don't seem to get it. Most of the world could care less what color the man is. It is WHAT he is doing that makes us hate him. Well - it makes me hate him. Hate is a strong emotion and it is not one I toss around casually.

Right now, whoever is spreading this lie around just wants us to be going, "Oh my goodness. It is because he's black."

Watch what the other hand is doing, though. The one that he has behind closed doors that is getting ready to turn health care over to the government.

Matthew said...

Oh,I'd say that right about now, Al'Qaeda, the Iranians, The North Koreans and the Taliban pretty much love Barack Obama.

They love soft, squishy Western 'intellectuals' who have no courage and spout platitudes in place of having a firm policy on anything. He keeps exteneding deadlines to Iran and NoKo on their nuclear weapons programs with no consequences for missing those deadlines. He dithered for an entire summer over sending more troops to Ashcanistan, and then went half-way.

He's all but signalled a willingness to negotiate (surrender) to the Taliban, when and if that becomes politically expedient. He's thrown Hamid Karzai to the wilves.

These people have taken an X-ray of Barack Obama, and found that he has no spine. No, I think they love him, and if there was a Muslim plot to kill him, it had to be for some other reason that wasn't reported.