Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The "Legal Profession" Sucks...

I'm asking readers to do me, and by extension their Country, a huge favor. Oh, and it has the added benefit in that it will probably help bloggers everywhere.

If you find yourself on a blog (not just mine, anyone's blog will work) and there's an advertisement for an attorney, law firm, class-action suits, etc, etc, etc, then I want you to click on that ad -- even if you don't require any legal services at all.

Why? Because every time you do, some blogger gets paid by the lawyer who posted the ad. Everytime that lawyer has to pay up, the less money he has available to get the leather upholstery in the BMW this year, or to support or bribe the politician of her choice. Just by clicking ads, you will be striking a blow against the one profession in America even less popular than Prostitute or U.S. Senator, and certanly one that has become even less useful to the conduct and security of a free society than fleas are to a dog.

Many of the dilemmas this country currently finds itself in are the result of lawyers who have abused the legal system for their personal enrichment (see Health Care suits, Product Liability suits, Slip-and-Fall-Suits, and all the opposition to Tort Reform), abused the Electoral System for their personal advancement (see: 2/3 of Congress), use the power of the Law to enforce their ideological beliefs or fetishes upon others against their will (see: Diversity, Title IX), or use the Law a sa tool to advance the interests of narrow constituencies (ADA, Affirmative Action, Sexual Harassment, etc). That's when they aren't busy using the Legal System as a means to subvert the law as written -- and passed -- by elected legislatures (See: half the cases that find themselves before a Circuit Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court).

So far as I'm concerned, a Profession that irredeemably corrupt should be restrained by any means possible, and since they usually can wiggle out of their legal, moral and ethical responsibilities by twisting and perverting the very Law they claim to revere, then the next best thing is to take money out of their pockets...which is the only thing that really and truly hurts them.

So click A Legal Ad today and Make a Lawyer Pay!

(Waiting for a lawyer to bust my balls about what a bad rap they get, and how it'sunfair to dump so much approbation on a profession that does so much good...blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...I remind you that the President of the United States somehow managed to become a Professor of Constitutional Law, and achieved that lofty position without appearing to have read the fucking thing at any point in his life. That's what sort of esteem they hold the Law in. I'm sure someone will make a "restraint of trade" argument against my proposal, but they can go fuck themselves, too; lawyers didn't always advertise their services, nor were they allowed to launch nuisance suits for the purposes of extorting settlements -- a now-common practice -- and they seemed to do quite okay without any of it).

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