Friday, June 18, 2010

Staten Island: 1, Radical Islam: 0...

The Catholic priest at the center of the controversy over the Archdiocese of New York's plan to sell a former convent to a Muslim group has publicly asked the church to halt the sale. Father Keith Fennessey has, belatedly and after many weeks of bad publicity and community outrage, asked the Archdiocese to tear the contract to shreds.

Chalk up one (small) victory for the Midland Beach community!

However, never underestimate the ability of the Catholic Church to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory -- especially where money is concerned. It still intends, apparently, on making the sale, the lure of money being stronger than the wishes of it's own flock. According to this article, in the same day's edition of the Staten Island Advance -- this doesn't kill the sale entirely, and leaves the window open on the possibility of the Archidiocese and the MAS coming to some form of alternate agreement. The Archdiocese spokesman on this particular point, quote: "The next step is to see what the response is from the MAS, and I can’t predict that. "

I can. The response will follow one of the following two scripts:

1) There will be a"protest march" through the neighborhood, where a crowd of Muslims will chant "Death to America", burn the Israeli and American flags, threaten violence, make a nuisance of themselves and deliberately provoke confrontations with local residents and the police -- "Mini-Martyrdom Operations" for the "committed Muslim" who's not willing to make the ultimate sacrifice and kill himself, but who still wants to garner some Islamic street cred and sympathy for his cause. They will cry about how rejecting a mosque in our neighborhood is "racist", and leads to more "radicalism", and I'm quite certain every third protestor will carry some mass-produced reminder of 9/11 which will serve two purposes -- trumpeting Islam's greatest victory while simultaneously and deliberately inflicting pain upon the Infidels in Midland Beach. Video cameras will be everywhere, ready to capture to scenes of violence against Muslims that will later be carefully-edited, and shown on every Islamic Media outlet the protestors can find. That they will have most likely incited the violence will be glossed over or never mentioned at all.

2) One of the MAS leaders (probably the one asshole with the marketing degree) will hold a "peace march" through the neighborhood, ensuring that the marchers are just offensive enough, without crossing a certain line. They will delibeately provoke a confrontation, but wait for a member of the community or a police officer to make the first,overt move, so that they can later claim to be "victims" of (Take your pick) Police Brutality/Racism/Religious Bigotry/Anti-Muslim Bias/Anti-Islamic Fearmongers. Video cameras will catch the one idiot who takes the bait, and the video will soon make the rounds of the Islamic Media as yet one more example of why the Infidel pigs should be brought into the Caliphate and enslaved before they destroy the True Believers. The lawsuits will begin shortly thereafter; if they can't get Allah's Justice, they'll settle for the liberal New York Court System's green-tinted version of it.

In either case, the MAS will seek to provioke a confrontation and then claim innocence, a cheap propaganda victory is almost as good as a legal or moral one.

This is far from over, folks. Stay tuned.

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