Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Clueless-and-in-Really-Bad-Taste-Award Goes To...

The MSN homepage, which today posts as one of it's Featured Stories, "Beauty and the Beach... which stars have hit the sand and surf this past week?" where you are afterwards encouraged to "Find out in these Sunny Celebrity Pics!" and click the link.

Now, I'm all for a picture of Megan Fox in a bikini (why, I wouldn't even mind if they posted one every week...I'm just that kinda guy) , but someone should have told MSN that it's probably in poor taste to show "the Beautiful People" romping in Maui or Marbella when there are people spending their summer on a beach down on the Gulf Coast picking up tar balls with shovels, and dousing pelicans in dishwashing liquid in an attempt to save their lives, as fishermen and hoteliers go out of business, and waiters, chambermaids, oil rig workers, cooks, dry cleaners and construction workers lose their livelihoods.

It's completely fucked up that some part of the world is stupid enough to give a shit about Lindsey Lohan's comings-and-goings, or Snooki's Sperm-burping-Barbie-approved bikini, while real people -- people who actually work for a fucking living -- have their lives turned upside down by the biggest industrial accident and environmental disaster in American History.

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