Monday, June 14, 2010

"This is Our D-Day...We're Trying to Save Our Neighborhood..."

More on the battle over the Catholic Church's intent to sell a former convent to a Muslim Organization here on Staten Island. Here's some more commentary, with video.

I can walk out my front door and within a short radius find no fewer than 6 streets that have been renamed in honor of people who were killed in the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks on the World Trade Center, mostly police officers and firefighters that once lived here. If I travel a little further afield -- say within a one-mile radius -- I'll find as many as 12 streets that have been renamed (in total, 270 Staten Islanders -- nearly 10% of all the 2,751 Twin Tower victims -- were killed in the attacks). If I took a little jaunt across the Island as a whole, I'm certain I'd find dozens of streets so renamed. Including many right in the Midland Beach neighborhood where this little drama is being played out.

For us here on Staten Island, the memory and trauma remain. This community has every right to question the presence of a Muslim organization setting up shop here because we've all been scarred by Muslims, and some people here still -- a decade after the attacks -- haven't gotten as much as a fingernail from their loved ones to bury, and many others, myself included, have had their lives severely damaged and disrupted by it.

The City of New York and the Federal Authorities are still here on Staten Island, sifting through 9/11 debris seeking human remains. The debris was brought here specifically for that purpose, and it's still coming in. Every few weeks, construction in and around Ground Zero is often halted as human remains are found. For us, 9/11 is still not over, and it never will be.

This story, in connection with the one about the construction of a "mosque" (code word for Terrorist Indoctrination, Training and Assembly Center) at Ground Zero, is now gaining traction in the "mainstream media". Local newspapers and television, who normally could go on quite happily pretending that this island even exists, are now picking up this story. We even made FoxNews the other day when Megyn Kelly devoted a segment of her program to this battle.

I'm glad it's getting some wider attention, but I have issues with some of the coverage, mostly on two fronts:

It's (the coverage) obviously being slanted, where possible, to make Staten Islanders look like whining, intolerant pansies. I can't tell you how many times the local news coverage uses the same footage of the same people who complain about the parking and property-value issues that the mosque will probably create -- and then cut the video off in mid-sentence so that the complainer looks like a nit-picking jerkoff who just doesn't want immigrants in his neighborhood.

That sort of "coverage" misses the entire point; this community has a damned good reason to be angry and fearful because we've lost Sons and Daughters to people who, on the one hand, blather on about peace and brotherhood and make very lame excuses for the depraved actions of their brethren, and with the other, support such murderous men and their diseased ideology disguised as a religion. They simply don't say so publicly, and pretend otherwise so that they can play the victim when their passivity results in dead bodies.

Now, if I can pick a bone with my neighbors...

Some of you seem truly reluctant to say what's really on your minds. I can understand being upset with the Archdiocese of New York for not informing the neighborhood about some aspects of the sale, or the parties involved. I can understand the confusion and anger brought about by the speed and surprise factor with which the sale was announced. What I take issue with is this hiding behind flaccid points about parking spaces, traffic and property values, which plays right into the hands of the multi-culti Libtards who are more than ready to stamp us all "Greedy, Selfish, Intolerant Right-Winger-Racist" stamp. Class-and-race-warfare, after all, is the stock-in-trade of the Libtard. You're almost asking to be shown in that light with that sort of weakened argument -- especially if you go on camera with it.

The truth about the opposition to this Mosque -- we don't want would-be suicide bombers living and moving about in our community, is too harsh for polite coompany, apparently. That most certainly does sound discriminatory. But I say -- fuck it -- we're going to be tarred with that brush anyway, so why not tell the whole fucking truth? Why deny it? The words "Islam" and "terror" are almost synonymous. If Muslims don't like that, they should take positive steps to fix it; turn in your relatives, assholes, before they kill someone.

We don't want homicidal maniacs living, gathering, training and perhaps being recruited, right in our midst.

Screw the Civil Rights "Establishment". Screw the media. Screw Muslims. Screw the Archdiocese of New York. And for damned sure, Screw What Outsiders Might Think of Us. We pay for almost everything in this City, anyway, and we're entitled to be heard and to have our concerns addressed. Tell the truth, and make it plain that we don't want anyone who espouses vaginal mutilation, honor-killings, bigamy, beheading the helpless, welfare fraud and terrorism-as-political-discourse in our neighborhoods. If Muslims want to build a mosque, they can damned-well build it somewhere else -- not in the middle of a neighborhood that lost so many in the biggest most dramatic, and most depraved act of mass murder in American history. It's an insult to us, and inflammatory, and some of us believe that it's intended as a deliberate attempt to stir up animosity that is simply "Jihad-by-another-name".

The MAS can send as many representatives to public meetings to dodge the really hard questions all it wants. We won't budge, so take the fucking hint and go somewhere else. Do you know how I know there's going to be no quarter given in this fight? Because if you can get 400 Staten Islanders to show up for anything that doesn't involve Little League, High School Basketball -- or beer -- it's fucking important to them...and probably very personal.

I keep saying "We", and when I do so it might give the impression that I speak for others, but I really don't. I can speak for myself only. But I know these people -- they're my neighbors, friends, high-school buds, former co-workers. I can pretty much tell you what they feel and think, and it's pretty much the same as I feel and think. They're just, perhaps, a little less likely to say so openly, and many probably fear the repercussions of being openly discriminatory. I don't, because I know if the circumstances were reversed, few -- if any -- Muslims would come to my defense, or take up my cause.

You can be a Muslim on Staten Island, and no one would care. We're very good about respecting each other's personal space (except on the roads!). However, when you insist on being a Muslim on Staten Island AND building a symbol of your hateful and murderous "religion" in the middle of a community scarred by 9/11, then you'd better expect some push back.

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