Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ummm, Because I'm Stupid?

I promised everyone a lovely little photo spread of the Richmondtown Restoration earlier this week. Well, I made the trip yesterday...but forgot my camera.

Suffice to say, our Colonial Forebears -- the Dutch ones, not the English -- were some pretty tough people,who lived a fairly spartan lifestyle. By comparison, the English settlers who followed seem to have been a bunch of foppish retards who exected to buy up successful businesses and farms rather than put the work in to create such things for themselves. The typical English "settler" of the 1600's came expecting to find gold laying all over the place, and Indians as ready-made servants. But that's for another time...

I'm going back this coming week, as well as making a trip to the Greenbelt (about a quarter of Staten Island is still woodlands and Federally-protected marshlands, with some awesome scenery that dwarfs Central Park and puts it to shame), so I will probably combine both posts.

If you're intersted in local history, you can read about the Richmondtown Restoration here.

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