Thursday, November 04, 2010

India on $200 Million A Day...

The White House says that "rumors" about the cost of the Obamatard's upcoming excursion to India are simply not true. Apparently, no one told the Indian press to stay On Message. They're providing details by the bushel that make that claim laughable.

President Marriot-Suites is at it again. Another trip to a far-off land with a price tag that might make a Saudi Prince think twice about hitting his credit limit.

An entourage of 3,000? Is it really necessary, in these days of world-wide telecommunications, for a President to take a trip...anywhere?

Didn't Obama learn anything from the furor over Michelle's trip to Spain?

Didn't Obama learn from Tuesday Congressional drubbing that one of the main sources of discontent in this country comes from extravagant government spending that serves no useful purpose?

Didn't Obama just say in yesterday's "I fucked up" speech that he'd learned exactly this lesson?

What the fuck is he going to India for, exactly?

The article, incidentally, very quickly drops the main point -- the exorbitant cost of a trip no one can, or will explain -- and takes aim at Michelle Bachmann, instead. Even in India, the press is Obama's whore, isn't it? Then, as if to underscore the point that has just been pooh-poohed -- that Obama's trip just might be an expensive boondoggle -- the very same website posts this little gem:

34 Warships to Accompany Obama on India Trip

Warships, I hear, are mighty expensive to operate. Especially when you send them halfway across the planet.

And just in case you were still laboring under the misapprehension that Obama was truly humbled by the accusations that he's an Imperial, tone-deaf narcissist, try this one on for size:

Coconuts and Monkeys to Be Removed in Anticipation of Obama Visit

You just know that some idiot in the White House decided that it would be a very bad idea to give the Ignorant-Bitter-Clingers-With-Photoshop-Skills any opportunity to create a picture of a (half-) Black Man juxtaposed against coconuts and monkeys. It not only "demeans" the office of the President, but would reinforce so many negative stereotypes,wouldn't it?

I wonder how much that is going to cost?

800 hotel rooms. Air Force One. An Aircraft Carrier. Helicopters. Limousines. 3,000 sycophants in tow, the streets cleared of dangerous coconuts, and primates. Is this a Presidential Visit or a Roman Triumph? No, Obama didn't learn anything from Tuesday night. If he had, he would cancel this thing immediately. Anyone who thought he might have learned a valuable lesson should now hang their heads in shame for having been so blindly ignorant, and damned gullible, and if they had any sense at all, they'd lock themselves in a closet and starve themselves to death.

I'm beginning to think that $200 million-a-day will quickly become a conservative estimate of the money that is being wasted.

If all that wasn't a prime example of Obama's Tin Ear narcissistic stupidity, it seems that the people of Mumbai don't even want him there...and he hasn't gotten their message, either.

2012 cannot come quickly enough!

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