Friday, November 05, 2010

It's All Rahm's Fault...

Richard Wolffe in the Daily Beast writes that the general consensus now is that democrats (small 'd' intentional) got their asses kicked because of...Rahm Emanuel.

I can almost promise you that White House aides are already lining up to publish their"tell-all" books. On January 20, 2013, not thirty seconds after the Obamatard is shown the door, the "True Story of the Obama Administration, by an Insider" books will start to hit the shelves.

And they'll all say the same things: Obama was an arrogant, stupid, stubborn, bigoted, jerk in love with the sound of his own voice, Michelle was a fur-breasted, imperial, hellion who harassed and terrorized the White House Staff. Bo the Dog shit in every corner of the White House, and dug up the remains of Jimmy Hoffa on the South Lawn.

The "heroes" in these books will be the Rahm Emanuels, the "old hand" Washingtonian set that tried mightily to advise President Odingbat not to pursue this or that policy, who tried to "restrain" the President so as to stave off mid-term electoral defeat, but he just wouldn't listen to them. These books always follow the same format; Obama failed because he didn't listen to us elitist jerks who half the time kissed his ass -- his willing slaves and hitmen -- and who treated his every utterance as if it were the Word of God, itself.

The truth will be closer to something along the lines that they worshiped the stupid bastard, and could not refuse his will, regardless of how retarded or dangerous the policy might have been. Those "insider" types are less noble public servants and more professional sycophants, and they probably often adopted the very same arrogance and stupidity in their dealings with underlings that they'll accuse the Obamas of.

Rahm Emanuel was once considered a fucking genius; now he's a traitor to the cause of the democratic party, and Obama the fallen icon. Go figure.

Democrats take heed; this is, in part, why you lost. You're wedded to the Cult of Personality, and unfortunately for this country, the Personalities you adore are often complete fucktards. Obama was swept into office on a wave of mixed adoration and desperation, and then he failed to correctly divine just what the nation's priorities should have been. Instead of tackling problems in a logical fashion -- one at a time, and with some set of priorities -- and crafting policies to handle them, he went off on a scattershot program of broad-brush-platitude non-priorities, with the details left to be worked out largely by Congress.

Rahm Emanuel is a petty douche, with a nasty streak five-miles wide. He's not a genius, he's a self-centered, overbearing bully, an apparatchik with aloud voice and a fearsome demeanor that probably hides the fact that he has a very small penis, and that he's still mad at his parents for forcing him to take ballet lessons. Washington is just chock full of pussies who are susceptible to being strong-armed by a personality like that. But, before you blame Rahm for abandoning ship, and pinning the approbation for everything that went wrong on him, consider this:

When people needed jobs, we got ObamaCare. Passed by Congress by unconstitutional means, with open bribery of Congresscritters and Senators (The Louisiana Purchase, The Cornhusker Kickback), basically in front of television cameras.

When people needed a sense that someone who understood their problems was in charge, we got Cash-for-Clunkers, and a steady diet of boilerplate libtard Class Warfare.

When the people needed a sense that the future was going to be better than today, and someone to provide that sense of optimism, we got Michelle's Healthy Eating bullshit.

We got a President who spent 15 months flogging an unnecessary Health care nationalization plan disguised as "reform" --- and then 6 months on Vacation.

When the country needed policies that would revitalize the economic base, we got cash giveaways to mortgage defaulters, temporary tax credits to buy houses that would soon go into default, a lot of talk about wind and solar power, and GM shareholders ripped off so as to reward the unions that helped bankrupt GM in the first place.

We got a situation in which the government decided when bankruptcy law applied, and when it didn't. When immigration law applied, and when it didn't.

We got a nearly-$800-billion stimulus program that stimulated nothing, and which only served to remove that money from the credit markets where it might have done more real economic good; there were no "shovel-ready" projects, there were no "jobs saved or created", there was no "transparency" about where the money went and who got it. In fact, there was no transparency to anything the Government did at all, despite promises there would be.

We got a President who regards terrorism as a law-enforcement problem. We got a President who can't tell the difference between the Good Guys and the Bad Guys in the world, preferring to think of everyone as sometimes-Good and sometimes-Bad, and all gray area the rest of the time. He doesn't fight terrorists; he reads them their rights and gives them trials in civilian courts. He bows to foreign potentates. His State Department sends birthday greetings to one of the world's biggest lunatics, who is obsessed with constructing a nuclear weapon with which to destroy the West. He regards Israel in the same way most would regard an enema, and then he tries to negotiate surrender to the Taliban.

We got a President who received the Nobel Prize...for being black.

We got a President who did nothing -- except sue BP, and go on vacation -- in the face of a major ecological and industrial disaster.

We have the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee (Rangel) accused of tax evasion. A Sitting Senator from Massachusetts (Kerry) accused of evading taxes on his luxury yacht. A Secretary of the Treasury (Geithner) accused of Tax Evasion. A Secretary of Labor (Solis) accused of Tax Evasion. A Sitting senator from Connecticut accused of using his influence to obtain a criminally-suspect mortgage on his Irish mansion/cottage (Dodd). We have the Chairman of the House Banking Committee (Frank) accused of blocking an investigation into the financial practises of Freddie and Fannie because he may have been sleeping with their executives. There was an (alleged) lunatic gay serial sexual harasser (Massa) running around the Halls of Congress, and the Glenn Beck show, trying to explain the inexplicable, and defend the indefensible...and incomprehensible...about his alleged misdeeds. This was your democratic majority.

President Obama, who now cries for co-operation and bi-partisanship dragged the republican Congressional delegation into a room for a"discussion" of Health Care reform, deliberately dictating and bullying the minority party on television, arrogantly asserting such was his right because "I Won". This man insists that he's open to "all ideas" from the opposition party --and then doesn't listen to any. He leaves the task of governing the United States to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid -- two people perhaps even dumber than he -- because to take an active hand in governing just might interfere with his golf game, and pick-up basketball.

He sends the Secretary of State to Moscow with a misspelled "gag gift". The President cries that the"Old Alliances" lay in tatters, and then he sends the British Prime Minister home with cheap Wal-Mart gifts, returns a bust of Churchill, and presents the Queen with a gift of his speeches on an iPod. He tells the French President to basically go fuck himself. He makes the Prime Minister of Israel cool his heels in the White Hosue waiting room for the better part of a day -- and the refuses to meet with him. He embraces Hamid Karzai as an "ally", and then publicly hangs him out to dry in the Afghan elections. The President publicly abhors the drug-fueled, violent chaos in Mexico that is spilling over the borders of the United States, and then sues the state of Arizona for presuming to enforce federal immigration law.

The President's mantra for the last few months leading up to his election night spanking has been that we're angry, impatient, racist, stupid, mislead and misinformed. That the American people haven't grasped the benefits of his enlightened rule because Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Fox News have muddied the waters. He insists that his troubles aren't because his policies suck, but because he hasn't effectively sold them to us. If only he had another half-dozen teleprompters, he believes, he could have talked turds into gold bricks.

I'm certain I'm missing at least two dozen other examples of Obama's ineptitude, stupidity, stubbornness, petulance and lack of interest in his job. It's almost as if, having achieved an historical milestone (being the first (half-) black man elected President of the United States), the job would then do itself. That the details were unimportant. That the only thing that counted was that America was reordered in such a way as to suit the personal tastes of the Regal and August Obama -- Michelle Obama, that is, I hope she's proud of her country now -- the legalities and nicities and customs of the Realm be damned.

And Rahm Emanuel is at fault?

What are these people smoking?

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