Thursday, November 04, 2010

It's Not MY Fault You're All Assholes...

Despite evidence to the contrary, President Obama continues to insist that he's smarter than everyone else in America, and cosmically right in a way we mere mortals simply cannot fathom.

If anyone believes there's "compromise" coming to Washington, they should think again. If I hear another flapping rectum insist that now is the time for Republicans to be "bi-partisan", I will grab my shotgun. If I hear one more time about how "intellectual" the Resident-in-Chief is, I'll simply go on a murder spree.

Because none of that is operative. None of it is apparent.

Republicans don't need to compromise; they need to force crap down vulnerable democrat's throats.

Bi-partisanship is pipe dream when dealing with committed mental patients who still believe that Socialism works, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Barack Obama is an "intellectual" in the same way that Snooki is the arbiter of good taste, and a singular example of high moral virtue.

There will be no compromise from Obama. His "I Fucked Up" speech last Tuesday made that perfectly clear; the beatings will continue until morale improves. There's nothing fundamentally wrong with ObamaCare, you know -- maybe we could do with a few tweaks, but...
Electric cars are still the future, you know, and we can't let the Chinese and Japs beat us to 'em! I didn't make a bad economic situation worse, I simply inherited an emergency that I felt should have given me the power to do whatever the fuck I wanted to, regardless of it's legality, constitutionality or efficacy. You mouth-breathing asswipes simply didn't wait long enough for the skies to part, and the Manna to rain down from the Heavens like I promised you. Trust me: you'll thank me for it all later on, Peasants!

This guy is a blithering idiot.Worse, he's a blithering idiot blinded by his own discredited ideology. America is in a mess not because of anything he's done; it's everyone else's fault...still. George W, Bush left him an economy in tatters. There's more private sector jobs than ever in America. The American people are just racist, bigoted, stupid, impatient, and after 15 months of constant speechifying, just too dense to understand the absolute boon of ObamaCare.

Don't expect an "I'm sorry..." from this guy. Ever. Don't ever expect him to be intellectually honest and to admit to his own mistakes, or even to learn from them. Barack Obama doesn't make mistakes; the rest of us are just too dumb to understand him and his divine intent.

I heard Tim Pawlenty describe Obama perfectly this morning:

"Silver tongue, tin ear..."

You could probably add "bulletproof stupid" to that formulation, too.

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