Friday, November 05, 2010

Fort Hood: One Year On...

Today is the first anniversary of the Fort Hood Massacre.

Thirteen people were killed. Thirty more were wounded. By a lunatic crackpot who took advantage of everything this country had to offer him, and then had the unmitigated gall to turn on it, murdering his fellow soldiers and citizens in the process.

Nidal Hasan, their killer, is still alive. He has government-funded attorneys defending him, and the government is picking up the tab for his medical care.

The "cleric" who inspired Hasan to commit mass murder, Anwar Al 'Awlaki, who also inspired the Jock Strap Jihadist (i.e. The Underwear Bomber, also still alive), the would-be Times Square Bomber (also still breathing), and three of the 9/11 Hijackers, is still alive.

Why? Why aren't these men dead, and the culture that spawned them reduced to a very bad, and smouldering, memory? When are we going to demand that a War on Terror actually means WAR and not judges and juries?

When we will finally discover that Political Correctness, of the sort that protected Nidal Hasan and advanced his career, can actually kill? When will we finally get the cojones to kick this Fifth Column in Dirty Laundry out of the country?

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