Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'll Tell You Why, You Idiot!

Okay, I've gotten a very nasty e-mail from a dissenter, upset over this post. A Liberal Dissenter. I know this because it was a) rank with misspellings, b) a full-throated defense of Barack Obama and a vilification of George W. Bush in words of four letters or less, and c) was apparently written by someone with a 5th grade education (If not a Master Degree from Berkeley), and d) ended with a repeat of the mantra that GW, the CIA, the Illuminati and the Freemasons (you can see where this is going, right?) all planned and executed 9/11 in a grand conspiracy, so that we could steal Arab oil at the behest of the Israeli lobby, yada, yada, yada.

She (it must be a she because no straight man could be this hysterical) contends that Liberals have 'inherited' a fucked-up world and are doing their level-best to un-fuck it, and the Anointed Savior (ordained by Gaia to save mankind, and the planet, by people who think like She does) can't do it if we're all sniping at him, and criticizing his most-holy policies, and are not approaching our problems from the standpoint of love, rather than war. She finishes with a verse of Kumbaya that is so saccharine sweet (and mind-numbingly naive) that only someone who lives in San Francisco could believe it, and which made me physically ill.

That's all well-and-fine. I don't mind a dissenting point of view, I encourage it because I love to argue, and I don't even mind a dissenting point of view that is so divorced from reality, and full of egregious spelling errors, more expletives than even I use, and with more than a few questionable remarks about my parentage. But, for those reasons (and because it would really annoy her), I shan't reprint it. But, I will explain the differences between her vision of the world (and by extension, Barack Obama's, She assumes) and mine.

She lives in a world where consequences don't exist, or worse, they only apply to other people. She lives in a world where She never expects to have to bear the consequences of what She advocates. She lives in a world where power exists to satisfy Her every selfish whim, and to keep that which is unpleasant at arm's length, at any cost. She lives in a world where the illusion of the Noble Martyr, fighting the 'good fight' tilting at windmills (whether the martyr is an ardent communist, the artist, the religious dissenter, or the Islamic Terrorist) is a romantic one. It is the worldview of someone who has never lived a day in the real world and who has never had to fend for Herself. It is the world of the college student who believes she is actually becoming an educated person because She attends a supposed-institution of higher learning, but who will be very disappointed to eventually discover, Sh'se only succeeded in keeping reality at bay for another four, five, seven or fifteen years -- or however long it takes her to finally graduate with such poor spelling and grammatical skills (probably as long as her parent's money holds out).

She lives in a world, along with most Liberals, where concepts such as physical courage, faith, moral certainty, self-sacrifice, are considered anachronistic, at best, and barbaric, at worst. They inhabit a world of supposed-reason in which the only other inhabitants are people who think like they do, where no counter-argument is allowed, and where the people simply parrot the same soft platitudes over and over to each other as a daily affirmation. These are people who, as Orwell once noted, get "Their cookery from Paris, and their politics from Moscow", meaning they are pretentious little twits who believe they are somehow more sophisticated than the rest of us who don't use words like "jingoistic" every five minutes, and they've discovered the naughty 'secret' of Socialism. She lives in a world that is inhabited by people who never expect, nor even truly wish, to ever be in a position of responsibility...for anything....but who nonetheless expect their cares and fears to be catered to by those who will bear the responsibility.

She lives in a world where violence is never the answer. To people like her, the only time violence has any place in society is when you can safely destroy the local McDonald's during a Earth Day 'celebration' without being shot by the police, who have strict instructions not to engage the mob, in any case. Liberals only use, or talk up the threat of violence when they know there is no realistic chance of retaliation.

Because people like you are absolute worms, Missy, the Enemies of this Culture (and yes, they are the enemies of Western Civilization, not just the United States) are smug and confident in their ability to ultimately kill or enslave us all. They look at people like you, and they laugh. They listen to people like you, and they drool over the thought of the power they will one day exercise over us. They like people like you, because you're easily cowed, compliant, willing to submit. You'll make a very good Dhimmi one day, Young Lady.

In the Real World, where I live (not the one on MTV), people like you are just as, if not more dangerous than the terrorists themselves. Because people like you encourage them. You are every Islamofascist's wet dream, Sunshine. Lenin had a nicer name for people like you; he called you Useful Idiots.

Your Messiah is cut from the same cloth, but I still hold out a (slim) hope that reality will invade his bubble in away it hasn't (yet) invaded yours. Given enough time, even the most stubborn liberal eventually grows up...usually when reality smacks them in the mouth. In the meantime, ask yourself this: how many will have to die before Barack Obama (or you) will have that moment of clarity?

Update: Here are the people you're trying to accomodate. (H/T Lumpy Grumpy and Frumpy).

FiveFeetofFury and The Closet Conservative chime in on the Religion of Peace, and it's liberal defenders, on an-almost daily basis.


Greasywrench said...

I hope you didn't waste any keystrokes arguing with her Matthew. You're pissin in the wind when it comes to libs. What you described reminds me of a discussion I once had with my Sister on (of all things) a recipe for something I was cooking. The first thing she said to me after I offered MY opinion was - "you can't tell me".

As soon as someone says the four words "you can't tell me" the conversation is OVER. In using those four words they have revealed the sum total of their IQ. Anyone whose mind is made up or uses the expression "the debate is over" (sound familiar) is a waste of time. I love my Sister but I won't waste another minute of my oxygen trying to argue or debate anything with her. I guess you already know you just encountered the same thing.

Matthew said...

Nah,I didn't. If she wants to know what I have to say about Her and Her idealism, she can come back (and give me the traffic) and make a more reasoned response to it.

Chances are good that she won't. She's struck her blow for whatever and having done that, is content that she's done her good deed for the day, regardless ofwhether it actually had any affect or meaning.

What strikes me as ironic about the Modern Liberal is that they are so much like the Calvinist Reformers of old, the only difference being that they have substituted 'science' (as they understand it) in place of 'faith'.

In this way, the pot calls the ketle black -- and the irony is completely lost on them.

Anonymous said...

What's the female version of "troll"? I'm not a feminist by any means, but are you sure this wasn't a Western version of the undibomber? Only with less, er, wherewithall to do more than shoot off an angry email? Other than that, I heartily concur with your sentiments.

Sigh. As much as I miss him, can't help but be glad for his sake that Cousin Jesse (R-NC) isn't here to see all this crap.--Evelyn

Matthew said...

A feminine of "troll" is "troll". I don't think in Norse mythology there was much attention paid to that particular detail. I could be wrong.

And Jesse Helms would probably have done exactly what was done on September 12, 2001; which was overreact and subscribe to the whole DHS thingy. That was the herd mentality in those days.

What we need is another G.S. Patton, someone who would have kicked the crap out of the Muzzies and made it seem romantic, almost noble.

Anonymous said...

I disagree, JH aka Senator No was an old-school conservative who would NOT have gone along with adding a whole 'nother department, willy-nilly.

Also, I was not referring to the mythological troll, but to the modern liberal drive-by troll that haunts conservative blogs, spewing irrational venom in the comments. They're usually lots of fun to play with, as you have just completely demonstrated. I'd put a smiley face here, but then I'd have to shoot myself.--Evelyn

Matthew said...

Yes, I know what a troll is in regards to websites, Dear. I should have put a sacasm tag on.

And don't shhot yourself. It's usually verry messy, and I like southern accents.