Monday, December 28, 2009

The Christmas Bomber...

Okay, so some African dude gets on a plane, even though he's on a terrorist watch list (yet somehow not on a No-Fly list), lights up a condom full of explosives and only the heroics of a passenger averts potential disaster. Is that about the gist of it?

This guy got through airport security (such as it is) in Nigeria despite being on the list. He got past security in Holland despite being on a list, and probably at that point, carrying a dangerous explosive taped to his thingamabob. But that's okay, we can keep asking little old ladies in wheelchairs to take off their shoes for security screenings, and detain them for having an Odor Eater. Can't be insensitive and start profiling, can we?

Okay, I'm thinking of a brand new bunch of rules for airport security. Here they go:

1. Any guy named Mohammad, Abdullah, Hassan, Ramzi, Barak, Umar, Omar, or whatever, aren't allowed to fly. At all. Ever. No more American Airlines for Farouk, no more Lufthansa for Achmed. Only civilized people who don't make bombs should be allowed to fly, and then they should be screened within an inch of their lives. In fact, no one with a Muslim name should be allowed within 10 miles of an airport...and no, I don't care if they keep the bathrooms clean at JFK. I want 'em out.

2. Anyone who even smells Muslim should be kept off a plane.

3. If you make one U.S. Government List (like the "Watch out, this guy might be an asshole" list), and your own father informs the U.S. Government that you are, indeed, an asshole, then you should automatically be on the No-Fly List. See, this was the problem with the creation of the Department of Homeland (In-) Security in the first place; The government did, in the aftermath of 9/11 what Wall Street does in the aftermath of any problem; it reshuffled the org chart, 'put someone in charge' and then hoped for the best, without fixing the real problem...

The people who brought you 9/11 are still at their desks. They still have their jobs. Time passes and people forget, they become complacent.

Nine years later, this is the result. If you think this was a one-off attempt, think again. But still, this huge bureaucracy can't combine two lists into a super-list to keep terrorists and potential-terrorists off airplanes...even when their own relatives report them! Hope all that taxpayer money being spent for this sort of result makes you feel better on your next flight to Disneyland. What the hell are they doing, if not even this much?

And by the way, can someone get Janet Napolitano off television? That woman makes my innards cringe and my sphincter pucker. I don't think I've ever seen an uglier (and more incompetent) lesbian in all my life.

4. Let the U.S. Military loose in Iraq and Afghanistan to start killing these people in huge numbers. That's what a War on Terror is supposed to be; killing terrorists and potential terrorists... and the people who love them, and teaching them the lesson that fucking with Uncle Sam gets you a Napalm Shower, not 72 Virgins.

The Other Side in this conflict doesn't play by rules of evidence and the niceties of a legal framework, and it doesn't distinguish between the innocent and the guilty; it kills indiscriminately, and it seeks to ensure that those murders capture the imagination (or nightmares) of the rest of the world. The Other Side deliberately chooses targets where large numbers of unsuspecting people are just going about their daily business, and makes a pile of corpses out of them because it cannot come to terms with a modern society that is not ruled by their 7th century mentally-constipated mindset. The Other Side is really after what you have, your lifestyle, your money, your land, your labor, your rights, because it lives in a culture that cannot produce these things for itself, and so it either has to steal from you or bring your culture down to it's level because they live under a delusion that they're entitled to rule the world.

A delusion foisted upon them by a batshit-crazy, camel-fucking, child-raping thief who managed to convince enough people that he talked to God. Yeah, that's a justifiable motive for mass murder, right? They don't play by any sort of 'rules', and neither should we.

I don't believe in the fiction of a 'moderate' Muslim. 'Moderation' requires an environment of freedom, which includes the freedom to criticize, to debate, to examine free from orthodoxy; Islam will have none of that crap. It kills it's 'moderates' as apostates. Because there are no 'Moderate' Muslims, there can be no great upsurge of revulsion against this sort of thing within Islam, and without that sort of internal pressure, that internal debate, there can never be a moderate Islam.

So, stop pretending as if there can be. Keep these people off planes and out of airports, and if they scream that it 'violates their rights', then turn around and tell them that when they go out and keep their fellow Muslims from violating my right not to get blown up in coach, and they report their apeshit crazy fathers, brothers and cousins to the FBI, I'll defend their right to fly again.

But that'll never happen; Muslims are physical and moral cowards and bullies. That's why no one in a turban ever marches in the streets against this sort of thing. They know who the crazy bastards are and what they're capable of doing. So, they sit on the sidelines and spout platitudes about a 'religion of peace', and hope to go unnoticed by their friends and relatives while they arrange marriages amongst first-cousins.

But back to this bomber.

I know we're not supposed to profile, but damn, if this guy doesn't fit the profile;

Muslim from a wealthy or middle-class family, college educated, seemingly disaffected by life in the West (i.e. it probably started when the white/blond girls wouldn't go out with him), finds assimilation difficult (probably because he can't get white girls) and so turns to radical Islam to 'get even' or to find a place where he is valued in a way that conventional society doesn't, he's able to use and abuse the American and British immigration services (and his father's position as a high muck-a-muck in international banking probably helps here) to obtain visas and passports to allow free and unrestricted international air travel.

(Editor's Note: I'm generalizing, but you'll probably find in most terrorist-raised-in-West's backgrounds a tragic story of being in love/lust with a blond girl who a) wouldn't give him the time of day and humiliated him, b) emasculated and humiliated him, c) found him completely disgusting and humiliated him. I'll bet most of them turned to Radical Islam after a white girl did a number on him; having that white woman would have been the symbol that Western society actually accepted and valued him as an equal. Yeah, I know, go on and call me a racist if you wish, but it's probably true. Back to the nonsense).

That was almost the precise profile of many of the 9/11 terrorists.

But that's okay, the government will evaluate the situation that allowed this idiot to get on a flight to Detroit, and there will be answers --- just as soon as they reshuffle org chart --- and you get complacent about terrorism again.

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