Thursday, December 31, 2009

CIA Outpost Bombed, 7 Killed...

The bomber was apparently not all. This is in Afghanistan, no less. The CIA let a complete stranger walk into a 'secret base' and blow himself up. As JammieWearingFool points out in his post, though, at least one Administration official finally used the word terrorism. I guess that's some kind of progress.

But where have we heard of this sort of thing before? Starting to see a pattern develop vis-a-vis Muslim bombers and the Government's security mindset? If someone had searched Pantybomber, he would have been caught. If someone had searched this guy, he would have been caught.

Lesson: search Muslims, find bombs. But apparently our government hasn't figured this out yet. It probably needs another 18-month-long-and-horrednously-expensive "study" to confirm this.


Greasywrench said...


As I was watching Redeye last night Greg Gutfeld and his guests ripped into the security techniques of Obama and his stooges. The comments were hilarious, and at the same time quite tragic, considering the latest round of deaths in Afghanistan on our "secret base".

As one of the panel (S.E. Cupp?) pointed out last night on the show, the "man caused disasters" and the "War" in the Middle East are being fought via the P.C. rules of liberals. It amazes me that we defeated the Nazis and Japanese Empire only to end up like this. The Muslims and Islaimofacists have GOT to be laughing their asses off at our pathetic attempts at security and our "rules of engagement".

Are even the PC jerkoffs finally going to learn from this? I have my doubts. How is it that a comedian and political satirist such as Greg Gutfeld can figure out in a minute what Obama, Holder, and Napolitano have been unable or unwilling to do in almost a year? Liberalism truly IS a mental disease as many claim and if Obama and his nitwits don't get their heads out of their asses I guarantee you the body count is going to skyrocket in 2010.

I'd like to see how Obama grades himself on matters of National Security. B+ my Ass!

Off topic but Happy New Year Matthew.

Matthew said...

Thanks, Grease. Same to you!

And is it just me, or would you like to do things to S.E. D-Cupp, too? Heh. That's one fiiiiiinnnne piece of woman. (Okay, time to stop being male).

Don't discount Gutfeld as just a T.V. satirist; the guy is possessed of a great deal of common sense that makes him the Glenn Beck of the 30-somethings. The reason he figured it out in a minute is because it's simply too obvious to miss for anyone able to tie their own shoes without a government program. His strength is to be clever and entertaining while he points out the obvious.

I think the main cause of liberalitis is emotional. Probably poor toilet training, their mother's stopped breast feeding too soon (or perhaps too late), or maybe they just didn't get that pony they wanted for their 6th birthday, and they feel like making the rest of the world pay for the pain and rage they've never fully worked out.

Greasywrench said...

Oh I'm a big Redeye/Gutfeld fan. He has a very funny and clever way of cutting through the bullshit. And the name Cupp brings out the Freudianisms in me.

And the ladies of FOX have the other cable channels beaten hands down. Women like Kimberly Guilfoyle, Mary Katherine Ham, Andrea Tantaros to name a few. There's a real nice looking blonde who pops up on Hannity and O'Reilly from time to time. She's a Lib but I guess I can overlook that little flaw. I just can't come up with her name at the moment.

Matthew said...

Yes, even Fox's libs are attractive, but I think what makes them all hotter than most is that they aren't empty-headed Barbie Dolls, like over at MSNBC (except for Mika Brzesh...whatever on Morning Joe. That's handsome and smart woaen -- you just wish Joe would let her get a word in).

Greasywrench said...

Kirsten Powers - that's the name I was trying to come up with! And I agree that the Women of FOX aren't just talking heads.

Matthew said...

"A Man under the Age of 30 who is Not a Liberal, Has no Heart. A Man Over the Age of 30 who is not a Conservative has no Brain..."

"A Conservative is a Liberal Who Has Been Mugged By Reality..."

The first quote was by Winston Churchill, the second, I believe, was by Irving Krystal. People tend to become conservative as they age and the realities of everyday life gradually temper their youthful idealism, or when they have families to protect and nuture.

The greatest makers of Conservatives (I'm told) are children; Children root their parents firmly in the ground of reality. Probably this is why libs want them all aborted before they're born. In the case of Steinham, et/ al., the idea oif abortion was based upon the stupidity that a woman burdened by the need to care for a family wasn't free.

Until women stubbornly kept on giving birth, and so that warped into the ideal of the Woman Who Has it All: sufficiently-pussy whipped husband, great career, 1.5 adorable children who all spoke French before kindergarten.

Oops, got off topic...

Anyways, people like Maureen Dowd have never had reality intrude upont heir lives because they spend all their waking hours keeping it at bay. All they have is their idealism, growing ever-subtler-and-clever as they discover Sartre, Marx, Nietzsche, Alinsky and so forth...until they can't keep it away any longer, and they realize they've fooled themselves all their lives.

Matthew said...

Whoops! That last reply was uspposed to be for another thread...

Anonymous said...

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