Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Undi-bomber Flotsam and Jetsom...

Just some odds and ends:

Maureen Dowd reaches for a cigarette, her Obama Orgasm has ended.

Obama finds out what I could have told him: The 9/10 mentality is alive and well in the Fed'ral Bureaucracy. This quick-and-dirty evaluation probably cost millions of (borrowed) dollars, when they could have gotten that evaluation here for a fraction of the cost. And they want ot Unionize these people?

But They'll get Health Care Right. Government can always be trusted to get the really important things right, can't they?


Greasywrench said...

There is something about Maureen Dowd that brings out the ugly in me. I just can't stand her. Maybe it's the lack of a pair of lips?

I've always thought Maureen was trying too hard to be like a far-left version of Ann Coulter. The problem is; Where Ann is funny and witty, Maureen comes off as a bitter pissed off bitch. Maybe it's just me.

Matthew said...

Problem with Maureen Dowd, and women like her; they drank the Kool Aid that feminism served them. Women like MoDo assumed they were once entitled to rule the world.

They never thought for a moment that feminism was based upon two faulty premises; a) that there are no differences between the sexes that can't be ignored or legislated out of existance, and b) all a woman has to do to achieve equality and respect in a "Man's world" wass to act like a man (as defined by other women).

Women like MoDo slept their way to the top, they slutted around, they believed that they were in possession of a devestating weapon called a "vagina", which came with enormous power, and that it could be used to bring the world to their doorsteps.

Once their salad days of sexually-charged-but-ultimately-empty youth is gone, and they reflect upon the stupidity and reckless hedonism of it all, when they realize they gave their pearl of great price away to basically anyone who captured their fancy (even momentarily) for nothing, that they haven't changed the world, that they haven't achieved much of anything...

They get bitter.

MoDo is a bitter woman because she was lied to, and she bought the lie. She's now old, probably lonely, no one wants to sleep with her anymore, and the cocker spaniel no longer cuts it as a companion. I doubt (but can't say for sure) that she has children, if she does, they probably avoid her.

Her brand of feminism ruined lives. MoDo reminds me of an old joke:

A little boy comes home from school, and finds his father mowing the lawn. He asks his father a question about a word that he heard at school that day, and he wasn't sure if it was a word that he should use or not. He didn't know what it meant.

"What is the word, Son"


The Father agrees to to tell the Son all about the C*nt, by bringing him into the upstairs bedroom, where the boy's mother was taking an afternoon nap.

The Father and Son carefully creeep to the foot of the bed, so as to not wake Mommy up, and the Father gently lifts the blanket.

"You see that hairy thing between Mommy's legs, Son? That's a VAGINA."

The Boy nods his understanding.

"Everything attached to it is a C*NT."

That's Maureen Dowd.

Greasywrench said...

Excellent comment. An entire generation of women were conned by Glorial Steinem, Germain Greer, and such. And now we have neo-feminists who actually think for themselves and make a lot of sense. I'm a huge Tammy Bruce fan. She had the balls to tell the truth about NOW and look how they treated her. Christina Hoff Summers is another.

I equate a lot of these women with David Horowitz of front page mag. I read his book Radical Son and it was a huge eye-opener to the ways of the radical left. Most of the former radicals on the left who turned libertarian or conservative have been tremendously vilified by their former friends. It makes me think of something I posted on a blog once. I know quite a few former far-left libs who've turned conservative as they grew older. But... I know NO ONE who was once conservative who drifted left. I wonder why?

Matthew said...

"A Man under the Age of 30 who is Not a Liberal, Has no Heart. A Man Over the Age of 30 who is not a Conservative has no Brain..."

"A Conservative is a Liberal Who Has Been Mugged By Reality..."

The first quote was by Winston Churchill, the second, I believe, was by Irving Krystal. People tend to become conservative as they age and the realities of everyday life gradually temper their youthful idealism, or when they have families to protect and nuture.

The greatest makers of Conservatives (I'm told) are children; Children root their parents firmly in the ground of reality. Probably this is why libs want them all aborted before they're born. In the case of Steinham, et/ al., the idea oif abortion was based upon the stupidity that a woman burdened by the need to care for a family wasn't free.

Until women stubbornly kept on giving birth, and so that warped into the ideal of the Woman Who Has it All: sufficiently-pussy whipped husband, great career, 1.5 adorable children who all spoke French before kindergarten.

Oops, got off topic...

Anyways, people like Maureen Dowd have never had reality intrude upont heir lives because they spend all their waking hours keeping it at bay. All they have is their idealism, growing ever-subtler-and-clever as they discover Sartre, Marx, Nietzsche, Alinsky and so forth...until they can't keep it away any longer, and they realize they've fooled themselves all their lives.