Monday, December 28, 2009

The "System" Worked...

So sayeth Janet Napolitano, supposed-Secretary of supposed-Homeland Security in the wake of the Christmas Bomber situation in Detroit.

The System Worked? Last time I looked, that plane wasn't a mass of flame because another passenger, a civilian, not trained in security procedures, but willing to possibly risk his life -- a man who was probably not expecting to have to engage in any heroics on his trip from Amsterdam to Detroit -- actually had the testes to jump on this asshole and then risk injury to put the flames out with his bare, fucking hands!

The System Worked? This guy blasted through 'security' two airports. With an explosive strapped to his ding-dong.

The System Worked? The guy was on a government watch list, he was reported as a possible danger to the U.S. government by his own father, and yet, he still got a visa, and he still got on a plane.

Janet Napolitano has a very strange concept of how things should 'work'.

Jonah Goldberg on this whole thing -- and he makes a very interesting comparison between security in the Age of John Ashcroft, and security in the Age of Janet Napolitano.
Which is to say, the Age of Reason and the Age of Donkey-like-stubborn-dumbass-itude.

Ashcroft was supposed to be a modern-day Nazi, ringing in the Fourth Reich. According to his political opponents, John Ashcroft was the greatest threat to civil liberties...ever. But say what you will, no one who wasn't associated with terrorism was prosecuted under the Patriot Act, no one had their phones tapped without a warrant in this country, and there wasn't a line of liberals being frog-marched to the ovens. On the other hand, Janet Napolitano is going to get people killed. Dead. In the most horrible manner, and probably on TV. But she'll get a pass from those who wanted Ashcroft's scalp, because the furor over Ashcroft was about a White, Male, Conservative Christian having that sort of power. Napolitano, being a woman (I think)and a lesbian (I'm certain), is entitled to be the Secretary of Homeland Security because of the white male oppression she's suffered on both those accounts, and will never be held responsible for anything, let alone her own (in-)actions. She certainly is not expected to do her job. She's a token, a symbol. Liberals don't do work -- they do symbols.

All those people then (in the Age of Ashcroft) who cried about the loss of rights and the power of the government to oppress then, are the same ones now bullying banks, insurance companies, giving civilian trials to war criminals, and planning to make the American taxpayer an endangered species while ensuring that our borders and security are threatened by hordes of illegal immigrants seeking welfare, protected the shield of their stupid liberal ideology.

You know, people like....Janet Napolitano, Barack Obama, Rahm Emmanuel, Hillary Clinton, Howard Dean, Joe Biden, et. al.

You tell me -- which seems more Nazi -like to you these days; the America of John Ashcroft, with all it's flag-waving, and it's tough talk of A War and Terrorism, or the America where the government can decide who gets an operation, who gets to stay in business, who should have to pay back a mortgage, who gets paid what, when and how, and where paying exorbitant taxes to support a massive federal debt that will never be paid back is "your patriotic duty?"

As long as people who can get things that ass-backwards are still in power, are still installed within the very federal bureaucracies we depend upon to keep us safe from people like Christmas Bomber, this country is capital fucked. You know what "capital fucked" is? It's" fucked" in capital letters, thus:


It's sometimes hard to tell if these people are just truly that clueless, truly that evil, or truly that stupid. Perhaps all three.

Because people like this are in your government, we're all in danger from more Christmas Bombers, more Central Americans with leafblowers and no will to assimilate, more Muslims who will hide their hatred behind the shield of political correctness, more soldiers killed on foreign battlefields, more unfunded welfare mandates, more public debt. Because nothing short of dynamite will ever teach this sort of moron just what planet they're living on.

Janet Napolitano is merely a symptom, the first very visible pustule, if you will, of the underlying disease.

Update: Oh, that's different...Nevermind!

It also turns out the State Department may have known about the Pantybomber before his little fireworks show, too.

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