Sunday, February 14, 2010

This is Why There Are "No Good Men"...

Disgusting. A woman basically posts a How-To Guide for breaking up her marriage to a soldier...while he's deployed...and congratulates herself for it. People like that ought to be shot for treason. But then again, that's almost par for the course, nowadays, human beings being the short-sighted, self-interested assholes that they are.

While I was reading that, though, I was struck by the thought that, hey, this is the way to ruin any guy's life -- not just the ones in uniform.

As a single man, I can tell you that one of the reasons I haven't been to the altar yet (despite wanting to go there few times) is that most women of my acquaintance are very much like the woman who dumped her soldier-husband by U.S. Mail; many women nowadays are selfish pigs, who can't find their own asses with both hands and a flashlight -- on a good day --mostly because they are possessed of the most infantile notions of what life is about, and how it's supposed to be lived. Even the ones who you would think are independent, intelligent, have it together, suffer from the "I'm supposed to have it all" disease.

Your job as a man is simply to provide for her every whim and peccadillo, even when she says it isn't. You are expected to interpret her moods, gestures, grunts, groans and itches in a way that isn't even made clear by verbal communication, and if you don;t, you' re some sort of cad. She is not expected to make any sort of meaningful effort on your behalf because having the gall to actually ask for something you should be entitled to as a matter of mutual respect is somehow demeaning to her (the Feminists said so), perhaps even abusive. She's allowed to be a complete bitch, and it's your job to just suck it up and deal (she's come a long way, Baby!). She's to be kept in a fantasy bubble where real life is not supposed to invade -- especially not if it means a genuine hardship, or even minor inconvenience) to them. "I don't need no man..." is a common refrain....until they need DO a man; To pay their bills. To keep them in bonbons, pedicures and breast implants. To do something about her kids because their Real Father won't (and what a winner he was! His kids are usually so ill-behaved, spoiled or retarded that their birth certificate probably reads "Random Sperm Donor" under "Father's Name") To buy them the biggest dream house with the biggest, most-modern kitchen that will never get used, or just to buy them shit that they can stick in their girlfriend's faces.

You're supposed to be Deepockets-Supportive-Sugar-Daddy-Ken to her Entitled-to-Everything-But-Free-of-Responsibility-Barbie.

The worst aspect of the modern relationship is the strange need some women have for drama. Constant and of any sort. The more ridiculous and avoidable, the better. Even if they have to create it for themselves. It's like a drug. Where do they get this idea that life is their own personal Reality TV Series, with them in the starring role, and that everything within it should be subordinated to that premise?

When you have women spending literally hours a day watching Lifetime television, Oprah, Reality Television, reading Cosmo, People, Us -- some women are literally patterning their lives by what they see and read, not realizing that what they are witnessing are the exceptions and not the rules -- not to mention the constantly-available, instant self-indulgence and gratification of New Media like Twitter and Facebook -- you can now scream every intimate detail of your life to millions, laboring under the presumptuous idea that any of them care; they're too busy screaming about their own bullshit to actually care about yours. It's no wonder that regular guys never get a decent chance anymore; we're either chased away by the manufactured drama, we're turned off by a totally self-absorbed bitch, or we can't provide enough to brag publicly about.

And no, it's not just the young girls who are like this. I can't tell you how many women in my own age bracket I've met (late 30's-mid 40's) who are precisely like this.

It's already bad enough that if you're a bachelor at my age (42) that your prospects are already limited to the thrice-divorced, the surgically-preserved-and-Botoxed, the battle-scarred, the Clingy-and-Needy, the Desperate, and the Freeloader. It gets infinitely worse when the only role you have in a relationship is to be just someone to talk to...about herself...all goddamned day. That sort of conversation is always boring, absurd, and takes place on the junior-high school level.

But if we can evoke an even more horrible vision; if there is nothing more annoying than the selfish woman who merely expects to be protected from real life, it is the truly-frightening spectre of one who enters a relationship fully expecting to be treated like shit, only to find that she can't handle it when she's treated even halfway decently. This breed of complete lunatic is notable for shitting on you for no for reason she can explain without the Academy Award-winning Pyscho-performance. It's as if all the crying somehow makes it all logical, even though it isn't. You are held responsible for everything any man, anywhere, has ever done to her, and you get to pay for all their sins. This sort has a psychodrama that goes on inside her head. Her own thoughts prey upon her and she enters a state somewhere between half-bewilderment and half-panic which puts them in a state of total mental and emotional constipation. In the meantime, you (the Man) think everything is just dandy...until her Mental Ex-Lax begins to kick in. Here's the process:

1. You've just met:
He hasn't treated me badly....yet. In fact, he's been a perfect gentlemen. He shows me some respect, he treats me as if I'm actually a human being. Perhaps he's just hiding his flaws? Well, eventually, those will become apparent, and then we'll see if he's really this good or is just on his best behavior...

2. A Few Weeks Later:
I haven't seen much in the way of flaws. Okay, his sense of humor can be childish, sometimes, and he's enthralled by hockey, which means he can actually forget I'm here for a whole three minutes at a time...I don't know about that. Still, He's been very understanding. He's actually listened to me, and given me advice or opinions whenever I've asked for them. He hasn't criticized me, even though I have practically begged him to. There's something wrong; He must be hiding something, some tremendous secret that will make this all too good to be true. It must be something terrible, indeed, if he's going through this much trouble to hide it! I can't even piss him off and evoke the truly vile emotional response that I really crave -- no matter how hard I try!

3. A Few More Weeks Pass:
He's been Prince Charming. This is really getting too good to be true. I'm starting to get scared, because I haven't found anything terrible about him or his behavior. There must be something wrong with him. He must want to treat me like a dog. The longer this goes on, the more terrible I'm convinced The Secret must be. The longer I wait for this other shoe to drop, the more frightened I become. He might be a ticking time bomb. I know; I'll start breaking his balls and changing on him, just to see if he'll notice and to evoke some sort of response. Let's see what turns up...

4. A Year Later:
I've tried to start arguments. I've tried to disappoint him. I've pushed all the buttons I can think of. Yes, he got angry when I expected him to, and expressed interest when I thought He might, and perhaps even a bit perturbed when you could expect that, too. But he seems really patient. Even when He's rebuking me, he does so respectfully and patiently...Patient? Oh my god; He's a mental patient! He must be; no man could be this good without being crazy! Have I been dating an axe murderer? I have to find out! Maybe there's another button to push? If I push it, maybe I'll get him to show me the stark-raving lunatic woman-batterer and serial adulterer that I know he really is...

5. Some Years later:
Oh my god! He asked me to marry him! This is too good to be true. I'd better break up with Mr. Wonderful before he rapes and kills me, like that woman on the Movie of the Week. I'll make up some bullshit excuse. I know...I'll tell him that "I Need space" or that "I just don't feel it anymore..." If I cry and babble enough, maybe He'll just get frustrated, stop seeking honest answers, and just go away...

6. Epilogue:
She did it. She broke up with him, even put on the Performance of Her Life. The Self-fulfilling Prophecy that there is no Good Man out there, has now been completed. She has made it so; she chased him off, she tried his patience, she deceived him about the true state of her feelings. She drove him crazy while driving herself crazy. She can now complain to her girlfriends: "there's no good men out there...", and they can sit around getting fat, drinking margaritas and giving each other sympathy they don't even really feel, petty, jealous bitches that they are. A few years later, she'll call Him, and beg for forgiveness -- he'll do it, because he really was in love with Her --- and then she'll dump him all over again for an even dumber reason.

And then a year after that, the process repeats itself again...she expects to be forgiven. It's not as if He could have found a better vagina someplace else, is it? This is what Feminism and the Media have created truly Clueless and Seriously Messed-Up Chicks that are hardly capable of any human feeling whatsoever....except self-pity and conceit.

Writing "Dear John" letters or dumping a man for no other reason than that he didn't meet your very worst expectations, or conform to your never-ending-self-destructive internal monologue of tour-de-force bullshit, takes exactly the same sort of stupid and selfish woman.

I have some sympathy for the men in uniform who get treated this way, I really do, but you know what? This happens every day; the only reason is seems worse is because this particular woman took an extremely weaselly, and unusual, way out; she got her divorce, in effect, courtesy of the U.S. Postal Service. Gutless little bitch. But guess what? This phenomenon --Crazy-Ass Females -- that ain't exactly new, or shocking.

Update: If you think I was kidding, or perhaps too harsh, try this: Dating Women Makes Me Sympathize With Men, by....another woman.

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