Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tiger Woods to Speak on Friday...

Big fucking deal.

Expect to hear the words: "I have found God" or even "I have found Allah" somewhere in that monologue (since Tiger will be taking no questions, at all, from the very few and very-carefully-selected members of the Press, it's a televised monologue).

These things follow a set script: admit the transgression, take responsibility whether you mean it or not, go to some form of "rehab", and re-emerge as a "changed man", waving the Scriptural Document of Your Choice, and tell the public you will no longer talk about the past.

Until you DO have to talk about it. That usually happens when your wife calls your bluff and takes you to divorce court, or your ego gets the best of you and Playboy or something wants that juicy, in-depth interview, or the National Enquirer digs up even better, and juicier dirt, and you have to go on Oprah.

Tiger, you should have stayed in the bunker for a while longer, my friend. These press conferences with the press and very little conference will not rebuild the reputation and goodwill you once had.

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