Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Toss This Moron From a Bridge...

A New Jersey man did the unthinkable, and threw his months-old daughter from a bridge into a freezing river yesterday...just as her mother was in a courthouse trying to get a restraining order agianst him.

The child has not been found, alive or dead, at this time, but I think barring some miracle, we can probably consider this child as lost. Murdered by a lunatic who happened to be her sperm donor. I call him "sperm donor" because the word "father" cannot be applied to a probably-raving madman who is capable of doing this sort of despicable thing.

Take note of the sperm donor's name; I'm betting that the word "Islam" will enter into this story at some point.

This monster's father was on the local evening news, and was the stereotype of the "Americanized" Muslim; apparently emotionless, vacant-eyed, fatalistic and unable to take the goddamned Bluetooth earpiece out to talk to the newspeople he brought into his own home to interview him. Apparently fucking oblivious, or perhaps not even caring, that something terrible and evil had occurred -- and that his offspring did the deed.

I want to see this motherfucker bound-and-chained, sewn into a sack with a rabid, wild boar and tossed into the icy river himself.


Anonymous said...

Why do you want to punish a boar, for what sins?

Sabra said...

Gotta agree with creakypavillion. Why does the innocent boar have to get punished?

Matthew said...

Okay,okay! I thought the boar would serve two purposes:

1. It would tear him apart, painfully, before he finally drowned.

2. Because he would have been in contact with pork before he finally died, Allah would not allow him his seventy-two virgin boys, goats or whatever it is they think they get for being in the club.

So, is there any animal capable of killing a man that is universally-despised enough to be sacrificed in the name of killing a baby killer? We'll make a game out of it.