Monday, February 15, 2010

Since No One Else Will Say It...

Okay, I have to say this because apparently no one else will. I will get another mailbox full of hateful shit, and quite a few cries of "RACIST!". However, in my defense, it's only racist if I hate black people; not if my purpose is to point out a relevant, historically-provable dialectic, or to suggest there just might be some correlation between the elevation of a black-liberation/socialist political agenda to national prominence, and declining national status.

Disclaimer: I am NOT a professional historian or political scientist, so the theory will have a shitload of holes in it. Take it for what it's worth. I could be seriously wrong!

Barack Obama is simply the latest in a long line of black men who have either inherited or seized political power in what was once a stable, wealthy and democratic state. Through the application of a mix of misguided policies (most the retarded stepchildren of the most dangerously socialist minds in human history), and a misbegotten sense of personal grandeur, these men have managed to take a situation in which they were viewed as a savior, a liberator, a symbol of national pride or unity, and turn it into the biggest pile of shit imaginable.

Barack Obama's attacks on Wall Street have nothing to do with correcting fundamental economic injustices. His attempt to transform the health care system into a government run lunatics asylum has nothing to do with the unfairness of the insurance system, or promoting better health for all citizens. Just like Obama's Cash-for-Clunkers and Mortgage Renegotiation schemes had little to with 'saving' GM, or keeping people in their homes. These are all about spreading cash around to those who are most likely to be unable to afford insurance, hold a mortgage that they can't afford, or who don't often get the opportunity to buy a new car; black folks.

All of Obama's policies, no matter what they're supposedly targeted at, or ostensibly for, are just the payment of Reparations for Slavery. There will never be a bill entering Congress with the words "Reparations" in it. The Word "Reparations"will never be used in public discourse. However, the effect is the same; huge wads of cash will be taken from the productive by taxes, fees, penalties, regulation and any other euphemism you can think of, and sunk into "programs" that deliberately target politically-favored groups.

This is the dynamic at the root of almost every collapse of every African "democracy" you can name. If he succeeds, Barack Obama stands to become;

Robert Mugabe in a better suit.

Idi Amin, sans 300 pounds and the taste for cannibalism.

Kwame Nkrumah, only with a greater strain of kleptomania and a wealthier nation to plunder.

Nelson Mandella, only with a teleprompter AND an even-more annoying wife.

The British Empire left 50 democracies in it's wake, many of them in Africa. How many African nations would you consider democracies today? Are they the sort of place where secular rationalism and the practice of free-market economics have produced well-fed, technologically-savvy, well-educated and productive populations, or did their combination of tribal politics, redistributionist claptrap, cries of victimhood at the hands of White Colonial Overlords (even decades after the White Colonial Overlords were either gone, dispossessed or dead, we're still hearing about the legacy of colonialism) lead them to make serious, and altogether avoidable, mistakes? Mistakes that resulted in the deaths of millions, the stagnation and degeneration of national economies, the wastage of natural resources, the siphoning off of national wealth and international aid, and which made poverty and suffering endemic.

I know; it's Black History Month (ever notice how Black History Month is the shortest month of the year? I wonder...), and I do not wish to give the impressionable youth who may be reading this that everything they've learned in their state-run Enstupidation Center....errr...School...about the Divine Status of The Anointed Obama is a load of utter horseshit (hopefully, they receive just enough education to eventually figure this out on their day). I'm simply pointing out the history of countries that have been handed over to by black men blinded by Marxism and an inflated sense of self. And yeah, I know; the United States is not some malaria-infested swamp in a place without running water, electricity or toilet paper. But President Obama brings us one step closer every day with the way he and this Congress are spending money they don't have.

The problem is leftist ideology and the psychology of the man who champions it.

To be fair, there have been countries led by White Guys who also espoused leftist ideologies that have also failed spectacularly, like Nazi Germany and the old Soviet Union (which despite it's own abject failure, still managed to survive long enough to export all that garbage about proletarian revolution -- the very thing the Russians themselves abandoned soon after their own revolution -- all over the world, especially to Africa. Along with 50 million AK-47's).

Does this mean that I believe Barack Obama is a bad man? Does it mean that I believe that a black man is incapable of leading the United States? No on both accounts. I'm only pointing out that the combination of black dude steeped in racial grievance, plus radical-Marxism (semi-intellectual sludge broken down into short, repeatable slogans for easy use by the really dumb, and emotionally-unstable, but with as much substance as Jell-O) usually spells disaster.

It's probably a good thing that Obama finally called for "bi-partisanship", but not for the reasons most pundits and flapping rectums will give you when explaining why he suddenly needs republicans. Perhaps President Obama -- out of sheer political necessity -- has accidentally stumbled upon that which might possibly bring him a few more restful nights; moderation. It'll be an enforced moderation, certainly, but it'll be one this country will need if we're not to become another Zimbabwe or Rwanda.

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