Saturday, February 20, 2010

Maybe They Should Have Bombed Something...

Two Justice Department lawyers who recommended "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques" cleared, shoddy prosecution condemned.

I can't help thinking that if they had been would-be suicide bombers, things would have been different for them.

Maybe the administration would have be en taking great pains to ensure that the rights of these two men weren't so grossly violated, and that justice would be served without the interference of politics.

But, nooooo...These two men aren't terrorists; merely the men who help to fight them. In Liberal circles, this makes them even worse than terrorists themselves.

This administration is seriously weakening this country's defenses in the face of Islamofascists in ways that we cannot even begin to imagine. It is currently engineering our ultimate surrender, even as it does things like use Predator drones and send Marines into the Brutal Afghan Winter. Because the Obamatards, and many on the Left, have failed to discern the central tenet in this war; the other side wants us d-e-a-d, or failing that, helpless, defeated mentally and spiritually so that it doesn't have to defeat us militarily. Trying to prosecute CIA and Justice Department officials who are engaged in the War on Terror is just as good to Al'Qaeda as if they managed to drop another skyscraper. Treating terrorism as a legal problem 'normalizes' it; it signals a willingness to accept a certain level of Islamic ass-rape as a means of avoiding even greater violence. Treating Terrorists as shoplifters and jaywalkers, rather than as War Criminals is a signal of weakness and acceptance. Attempts to change the focus of our defense against terrorists from military and intelligence means (which have been largely successful, although they haven't gone far enough for my tastes), to legal and diplomatic ones, is to admit that you have no stomach for a fight.

You might as well bend over and hang a sign over your rump that says "Insert Big, Purple Shaft Here."

In the meantime, turbin-wearin', camel-bangin', bomb-buidin' idiots squat in mud huts trying to figure out how to sneak explosives onto an airliner, and a bunch of Theocratic nutjobs in Tehran try to figure out how to build and deliver the Big Boom-Boom. In both cases, the wingnuts are not concerned with notions of justice or diplomacy -- their notions of these concepts do not match ours in any case; they want to kill Westerners, specifically Americans and Jews, in large enough numbers as to frighten us into leaving them alone. Granted the freedom that an America in retreat or isolation provides them, they can continue to spread the poison of an Islamic Caliphate that stretches from Persia to Andalusia, and if they have to behead every Christian and Jew they find along the way, so much the better.

They blow up airliners, shoot up pizzerias, lob rockets into your back garden so that they may instigate tyranny, bit-by-bit. It is a pious tyranny that will be far worse than anything ever unleashed by Stalin or Hitler. And the truly clever part, is that while the Islamofascists push their own tyranny, they bait their enemies into implementing their own -- because the response to every terrorist attack or threat has not been to go after terrorists, but to implement policies which ultimately limit the freedoms of everyone else. A Caliphate where society is ordered upon the religious dictates of a Dead Pedophile is really not all that different from one in which society is ordered by the dictates of a Brain-Dead Mega-Bureaucracy that expends it's energy in forcing conformity of thought and action, and which diminishes freedom -- only without the praying. It is the logical consequence of a Federal Government which refuses to prosecute War Criminals as zealously as it does those who actually would. The only real difference between Muslo-rats and Democrats is that Muslo-rats at least have the decency to be honest about their common goals.

Maybe that is the real issue; the existence of a terrorist threat is not seen as a danger to Liberals, because it gives them an excuse (National Security) do that which their ideology already demands (Government control of people's lives). And they said George W. Bush and John Ashcroft armed with a Patriot Act were evil? Liberal softness on terrorists and tenacity against the anti-terrorists is easily explained by this theory. It's better than the alternate theory: that Obama is simply nuts and/or stupid.

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