Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Winter of Our Discontent...

The mind reels at the state of the American Republic today. What was once a free, productive and positive country has now become a polarized, antagonistic, angry, depressed nation on it's way to government-enforced regimentation and servitude. The mantras of 2008 were "Yes We Can", the "Audacity of Hope!" and "Change You Can Believe In", which now ring hollow in ears that are daily boxed by the Commander in Grief, the new-and-improved, and much better-dressed, version of Big Brother who monopolizes our televisions with his virtuoso Tap Dance of Flaming Bullshit. Those once-inspiring mantras, once carefully-selected to appeal to the greater mass of desperate retards in the Recipient Classes, have been replaced by the newer, tinnier refrains of "It's Bush's Fault", "Change Doesn't Happen Overnight", and "Two Million Jobs Saved or Created", and the opening steps of President Obama's new dance; the Waltz Into Historical Failure.

The way things are going, he'll be lucky if he can manage to move his limbs at all, soon.

The oft-repeated lies "No tax increases for those making under $250,000 a year", "Not One Dime", "I will Close Guantanamo", "It'll be on C-Span", "Keep unemployment under 9%", are repeated several hundred times a day by democratic (small 'd' intentional) operatives and members of Congress who's personal rice bowls -- and what's left of their reputations -- are tied up in the fantasy that Barack Obama is a leader. "Leader" is not a word I would use to describe a man who you know doesn't even walk his own carefully-selected-for-the-photo-op dog.

The Truth of Barack Obama is this: we asked for it (not me personally, because I didn't vote for the guy). The man had a resume hat was thinner than that of your local Taco Bell night shift supervisor -- that should have been the first clue. Voting "Present" a bazillion times was an indication of either abject spinelessness, an incredible cluelessness, or someone who really didn't have an opinion or a conviction worth stating or defending. More likely, it was the hallmark of a calculating politician. The attachment to obviously politically-expedient or useful morons who called America a 'racist nation', or who assume that all White people wear sheets and burn crosses, or who planted bombs and called it legitimate political discourse, was another red flag.

The Truth of what his "Hope and Change" has brought us is this: we're deeper in debt than ever. The Federal Government is spending money faster than it can print it. The World's premier economy is collapsing for want of proven, common sense solutions under the weight of government spending, bailouts, cash giveaways to politically-connected unions and politically-favored classes, while the man berates the productive for their "selfishness" as he plans to rob them blind.

The country is embroiled in two wars, and while this is not Barack Obama's fault (one of the few things that isn't his responsibility), he's obviously decided to fight both half-heartedly. While you can give him credit for committing more troops to the Afghan campaign, he only did so after dithering over the question for months -- just long enough for people to mostly forget that he opposed a similar surge strategy in Iraq (which has worked, incidentally). While he orders Predator drone strikes (because God forbid we offend the Pakistanis who created the Taliban and protect the worst of the lot, and actually go after terrorists wherever we find them), he sends out an "Envoy to the Muslim World" and sends taped holiday greetings to the Religion of Death, even speaking Arabic and Farsi just so he can polish his ultimately-worthless multi-culti-citizen-of-the-world rep.

Democrats think that kind of thing is cool. Then again, Democrats still think JFK was a good President and that Bill Clinton was hounded by a Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy and not the victim of his own foolishness and narcissism.

In the meantime, the Islamonazis plant explosives in the their underwear, open new fronts from which to fight, build nuclear weapons and are granted constitutional rights and free lawyers. Israel is dissuaded from acting in it's own self-interest because the ridiculous idea that diplomacy will solve the majority of the terrorist problem must be pursued before our Commander of Sheep sees his popularity polls dip... in Germany. Right now, Marines are fighting in Afghanistan in the dead of winter to wipe the Taliban and Al'Qaeda scum out, and our President appoints a terrorist sympathizer to talk to the Muslim world even more. "Jaw-Jaw is better than War-War", said Winston Churchill, but even Churchill recognized that one must fight, and fight to win, when confronted with enemies with whom there can be no accommodation.

Still, the Most Eloquent Man to Ever Read a Speech Written By Someone Else and Fed Into a Teleprompter beats his own drum relentlessly. He takes credit for accomplishments that arent even his own , like the success of the surge in Iraq. You remember; the one that he voted against and criticized. He invents numbers like "2,000,000 jobs saved" knowing that it can never be disproven under an accounting scheme that would have gotten someone at Morgan Stanley or Citibank a jail sentence. He never takes credit for, no, no...That's George Bush's or 'The Republicans" fault. Even the ones that can be laid directly at his feet. He never listens to the criticism of his opponents with anything other than a readiness to take personal offense, even when they're not calling him a "Socialist" or worse. He believes he knows all, and does not need to listen, and when he does feign to do so, it's merely polticial posturing or in response to a negative poll number. All that's needed for Obama's Fatherland with Smiley Faces to succeed is for the American Sheeple to simply comply, quietly. Just Surrender to His Magnificence and all things will fall into place.

Those ideas worked so well in Russia and China that both abandoned Socialist for two-fisted Capitalism, red in tooth and claw.

The Man Who Claimed He Was President for All Americans seems more concerned with those who aren't Americans; Illegal Aliens must be given medical care at someone else's expense. And Amnesty so that they can vote. Policies that are little more than handing out cash on street corners are targeted at those who are loyal supporters or members of "oppressed" minority groups, whether it is Cash-for-Clunkers, Mortgage Renegotiation Schemes, Unions exempted from taxes the rest of us have to pay, or buying votes in broad daylight; The Bribery on the Bayeux, The Cornhusker Kickback.

But this should have been expected. The man comes from a political tradition convinced that taxes are too low, but ATM fees are too high, and still calls itself intelligent and principled. That tradition believes that guns, inanimate objects incapable of independent action, kill people. The same tradition that holds that all of America's Ills can be cured with the same formula; Soak the Rich, Screw The Middle Class, Create a Permanent-Legally-Protected Underclass, play the Class Warfare and Race cards as often as possible, and apply the concept of personal choice" so narrowly that it should only apply to the killing of unborn (or nearly-born) infants, but never to people deciding what is in their OWN bestinterests. These things are best handled by nameless, faceless, lavishly-funded and politically-engineered bureaucracies. It follows, naturally, the power of what choices should be available and which will be forced upon you (by suppository, if necessary) rests not with We The People, but instead with We The Self-Elected-and-Panty-Bunched Hall Monitors of American Society. It is a movement of the Ill-informed but Well-intentioned led by the Well-Informed but Ill-Intentioned, easily swayed and directed by specious strawman arguments that are more about the manipulation of base emotions than they are about logic and common sense.

And so, here we are; We have no money. We have no jobs. The Hope fades, the Change that was pictured on the box is not indicative of the Change we found inside it. It's like buying a box of Cracker-Jacks and getting a turd in the prize envelope. You asked for it, America, you got it; you followed a man with Third-World policies matched by a Third-World mentality. You thought he was smart; after all, the man was a Constitutional Scholar and Editor of the Harvard Law review. Why, he's such a brilliant lawyer that he's managed to criticize the Supreme Court, publicly, for a decision he didn't like, but apparently couldn't be bothered to read, but what difference does that make? It's not as if he actually believes in the Constitution (apparently, it only applies to terrorists caught red-fucking-handed, and is important only when one wants to hold show trials for other terrorists). He's so smart that he wrote two books; and by that I mean he merely signed his name to them...the rest was written by other people. Just like those eloquent, powerful speeches that get Chris Matthew's leg all tingly. If Barack Obama the Candidate had been seen on C-Span instead of (P)MSNBC, perhaps those who voted for this douche would have figured it all out.

Oh, right; C-Span is simply a rhetorical device. I forgot.

But still, give the man his due. Even if the Audacity of Hope has morphed into the Audacity of Dope, he still managed to pull off one of the Greatest Scams in American History; he convinced 52% of the votes that 'Community Organizer" was a real profession. He's managed to make Hillary Clinton appear to have been the saner and more-attractive option. He's succeeded in making Barney Fwank appear more manly. The Obama Aura seems poised to knock off more democratic Congresscritters than Newt Gingrich and Bags of Cash in the Freezer...combined. The President has accomplished the incredible feat of making Joe Biden, until recently a joke and merely annoying back-bencher, appear both relevant and Statesmanlike. Michael Steele. John Boehner and Mitch McConnel look like Real Leaders by comparison. He's made Glenn Beck filthy rich, and Rush Limbaugh filthier-richer still. Barack Obama makes Jimmy Carter look like a sane man. He's made a tax evader the head of the IRS. He's spawned a nostalgia for George W. Bush.

He's won a Nobel Prize for being black.

How do you possibly top that? What can you possibly do for an encore?

At this point in time, Barack Obama could lead Osama bin Laden into Times Square in chains, and a sizable percentage of the audience might seriously consider stoning Obama to death first. He could Piss Beer and Shit Skittles and you still wouldn't want him anywhere near your Super Bowl party.

Barack Obama was always a Creation; of the media, of the irrational guilt that some liberalsthe still bear for the stain of slavery, of the Political Correctness of the Democratic Party Machine, of the desperate times in which he was elected. He promised to be a Savior, but has instead become a Stinker. He will go down in history as one of the worst Presidents this country has ever endured. It is now apparent that this man was never prepared to be President, never mind the exigent circumstances of his election. He's never worked in the public sector, he's never served in the military, he'd never really left the sheltered world of the Ivy League Ivory Tower and never drew a paycheck that wasn't swiped from someone else's pocket.

Thankfully, in a short time, if we can just hang on, some real Hope may be restored. Not by Stimulus Bills that stimulate nothing except ACORN and the SEIU, not by adopting Nazi-party economics and making the largest corporations de facto arms of the Federal Government. No, this hope comes in the form of a lovely little 8-letter word: N-O-V-E-M-B-E-R. The People are pissed; they will stand for no more. They have remembered that they were promised a government "Of the People, By the People and For the People", and not a government "Of the Unions, By The Liberal Elite, and For the Lazy, Halt and Stupid".

With luck, the damage done to us in Our Winter of Discontent may be contained, and the process can begin to reverse it. In time we may recover.

Spring may still follow Winter, after all.

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