Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Envoy To The Muslim World?

Chalk up another douchebag move by the Obama Administration: naming an "Envoy to The Muslim World". The only "Envoy" the United States should send to the "Muslim World" should have a nuclear warhead attached.

Why are we still trying to talk these people into liking us? What makes some dickhead politician believe that an enemy who states his primary goals as the destruction of your culture and the enslavement of your population will be won over by charm and polite dialogue? What makes the same politician think that getting someone with his own alleged ties to terrorist-supporting scum is some sort of coup?

Doesn't anyone in the White House read the papers (oh, right; they're too busy telling the papers what to print,and how to print it)? THERE'S A WAR ON. A War started by Muslims who don't play by the same set of rules that more civilized societies do. Do you expect that by simply naming an envoy that you somehow send some sort of secret signal to the more extreme elements of Islamic society that you're serious about defending yourself from their lunatics, or is it symbolically a White Flag?

I'm sure the Saudi and Pakistani governments (which are propped up and defended by American aid and military power) will applaud such a move, calling it a major step on the way to peace and understanding, but it does absolutely nothing to solve the problem; there are mentally-constipated douchebags squatting in mud huts, right this very second, trying to figure out clever and sneaky ways to kill as many Americans as possible. Do you think that because Obambi names an "Envoy" that the hearts and minds of such men will be won over? Do you think that naming an "Envoy" will cause the Saudis and Pakistanis to do the right thing and kill these slugs before they strike? Do you think that naming an "Envoy" will cause those (few) Muslims who don't want us all dead or enslaved do the right thing and turn their insane brethren into the authorities before they embark on terrorist attacks?

I've said it before, and I will reiterate: the only way there will be "Peace" is when those elements of what passes for Islamic Culture, the ones that incubate and succor the kind of stupidity that breeds suicide bombers and snipers is made to see the error of their ways. That can only be done by inflicting massive casualties and unspeakable suffering upon the populations that raise, indoctrinate, support and hide these scumbags.

When the Islamic World that gave birth to these degenerates is reduced to picking the undigested thistles out of camel dung for sustenance, drinking out of mud puddles, and otherwise too busy trying to avoid cholera and bubonic plague will they begin to see that, perhaps, antagonizing and attacking a country and a culture which can destroy their own and ensure that it never recovers for centuries, if ever, is a very bad idea. When the Majority of Muslims are made to suffer horribly for the sins of the Few, the Majority will do it's level-best to keep the Few from building explosive jock straps, blowing up public transport, shooting up shopping malls and hijacking airliners.

Stop with the crazy and impractical ideas about diplomacy being the way to Peace; it only lends credence to the idea that the "Muslim World" does, indeed, have legitimate goals that can be negotiated for. To these people, "diplomacy" only means an opportunity to change the terms of the argument and a "time out" in which to rearm and then renew hostilities.

P.S. whichever asshole-career-civil-servant-or-political-operative did such a wonderful job of vetting this guy for the job should be taken out and shot; if you simply MUST have an Envoy to the Followers of an Insane Pedophile (Peace be Upon Him), you could at least choose one who is not associated with convicted terrorists.

Update: Here's an example of just who you're sending an Envoy to. (Hat-tip to FiveFeetofFury).

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Sabra said...

Matthew, Matthew, Matthew. Don't hold back. Tell us what you really think. Most excellent post, by the way. And I, of course, agree with you 100%. But, then, you are preaching to the choir with me. I have some interesting stories to tell about living in a muslim world. And, I have even more interesting stories to tell about visiting a muslim country where the muslims are not given jobs - the Hindis have the jobs in Bali. According to one of the young men working at our villa no muslims are allowed to work here. We see the muslims working the beach to sell their t-shirts, hats, sunglasses. But not allowed to work in the service industry - the tourist industry - in Bali. Interesting. Turn the Middle East into glass. Won't hurt for them to start over.

More later...