Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Is This Sort of Thing In Our Future?

Not the power shortages, but the President having his own TV or radio show -- that can come on at any time of day or night? I wonder what the point is if there's no electricity?

Don't put it past our President, or at least his handlers. After all, they've made certain that he's been on TV before the Super Bowl for the last two years, he's on our TV screens at least 6 hours a day speechifying or whining. I can't take anymore as it is. No one tell The Teleprompter Kid that his man Hugo can hit the airwaves unannounced at any time of day or night! He might be tempted to try it.

Seriously, there's not even much difference between Barack Obama and Hugo Chavez in that regard; both are constantly in campaign mode, they live before the cameras. They're never seen in anything that hasn't been carefully staged. They can't actually stop to govern, because things like lowering taxes in any meaningful way to spur an economy, or building oil-burning powerplants in an oil-producing nation -- that is, to do the obvious things required to solve your immediate problems --are apparently too difficult to do, and incompatible with the goal of turning a once-great nation into a Third-World-Pisspot-Dictatorship.

That's why the "solution" to our problems is always the impossible, disconnected or fanciful; it's easier to seed clouds -- or destroy a health care system -- especially if the solution to your problems runs counter to the message of Socialist Revolution. Only a Socialist could make the formulation that "people don't have jobs because 30 million losers and illegal immigrants can't get a tonsillectomy" or "In one of the OPEC states,they depend upon the vagaries of the weather to make electricity".

It's an incredible example of piss-poor planning, based upon a flawed worldview itself shaped by a rare species of what can only be described as a deep brain injury. It's the only logical explanation for such stupidity. But at least you get to listen to some really neat harp music.

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