Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Get These Folks Out of the Tea Party, Before They Start Making Everyone Wear Swastikas and Tin Foil Hats...

The origins of the Obama Birth Certificate kerfuffle, and how it finally landed within the Tea Party.

It all seems so obvious now; it's was Clinton's fault! The Hildebeest's folks -- some of them the same people who tried to do a hatchet job on George W. Bush with the fake-real National Guard memos in 2004, set out to do a similar job on Obambi, too. Remember what I wrote about "Arkancide" the other day?

Well, fortunately for Barack Obama, the country was so demoralized and pissed off that they would have voted for a cock-eyed, bow-legged leper with halitosis, and it didn't really matter. And then, unfortunately, there's a piece of the Far Right, which despite claims to the contrary, really is consumed by racism and stupidity, who managed to sink their teeth into this manufactured conspiracy and have held on with pit-bull tenacity ever since...and some of them have found their way into the Tea Parties. If Tea Partiers are serious about making strides towards improving both the country and it's political system, they should do the right thing and weed these people out of the ranks, immediately...even if it means electoral defeat in a few places.

The cost of keeping them on far outweighs the risk of losing elections without them.

I quote from the article:

"Of course, the rush to delegitimize Obama once he was elected president fell to wingnut conservatives, who continue to confuse losing an election with living under tyranny...."

Exactly! They're emotional, they're overwrought, and that makes them both stupid and dangerous. Best put some distance between them and yourselves.

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