Friday, February 12, 2010

Yes, Cowboy, We Really DO Miss You, Part II...

The people who were against the Surge, campaigned vigorously against it as a signal of frustration and failure in an Unnecessary War Fought on behalf of Dick Cheney's friends at Haliburton, but who nonetheless repeated the strategy in Afghanistan, the war they called The New Vietnam...are now claiming victory for it's success. With video.

It'll make you puke. Especially since it's delivered by Robert Gibbs, who has all the attraction of syphilis, but with none of it's charm.

With every passing day, George W. Bush begins to look more and more prescient and Presidential than his floundering, whining successor ever will.

George W. Bush was caricatured as the spoiled, paralyzingly-stupid, sophomoric, drink-and-drug addled scion of Well-Connected-Old-Boy-Network Oil Money, but the more Barack Obama appears on my television set to complain, play the bait-and-switch pitchman, posture, lecture and ultimately FAIL in full view of 300 million Americans, while continuing to blame the problems of the Nation on the Man-Who's-Policies-He's-Adopted-and-Claimed-Credit-For-About-Half-the-Time, the more George Bush looks positively Churchillian by comparison.

So much for Change You Can Believe In.

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