Monday, February 08, 2010

Douchebag of the Week (2/08/10): Rahm Emmanuel...

You know, it isn't often that someone can engage in openly obscene behavior for so long and still manage to escape the notice of the Douche Patrol. I mean, Rahm Emmanuel hasn't even been nominated yet, not even once. That's either an indication that there's far douch-ier people out there, or that douche-y behavior is simply Rahm's modus operandi; he's expected to act like a douche, and so, garners no special praise nor approbation when he displays those traits.

However, it's often the case that someone will do something so extraordinary, so seemingly beyond their capabilities, or outside the range of their typical behavior, that it can't help but be noticed that someone has done something extraordinarily special, and slipped the surly bonds of workaday douche-ery and reached the very apex of douche-dom.

And the most delicious part is that Mr. Emmanuel has achieved this Great Moment in Douchebag History for simply uttering a truth.

What did he do? He called some Congressional Democrats "Fucking Retards" for not jumping on Barry Obama's full agenda. They didn't vote for Obamacare, they didn't vote for Cap-and-Tax, they won't walk the plank so that this President can go down in history as the man who flushed the American Dream down the toilet, and into the Sceptic Tank of Third-Worldom. Because America is not yet Zimbabwe, Rahm assumes those who he counted upon to make it that way must be the stupidest people on Earth.

It doesn't matter if Congressional Democrats really are Retards, you just can't use that word. Political Correctness demands it. If Ultra-Libs are about anything, it's Political Correctness. Barry's already losing them because he can't close Gitmo and get free abortions and laxatives to the masses, and now Rahm violates the Rules of PC.

Of course, Real Retards, and the people who love them (Sarah Palin was front and center, naturally) , were aghast; Emmanuel's comments were insensitive. They were evidence of a man who has no heart (He needed to call someone a retard for people to figure this out?). He should be punished upon the Altar of Political Correctness. This Administration has already has a bad reputation with the handicapped (excuse me, Handi-capable); wasn't it The Golden Child himself who made fun of the Special Olympics on Jay Leno? One incident of such barbarically-heartless behavior can be excused as a slip of the tongue, twice is evidence of an Administration with a bias against the Differently-abled.

Panty-bunched liberals tend to think in this way; everything is a conspiracy against someone.

And besides; who can blame them for being pissed off -- who the hell wants to be associated with Nancy Pelosi in the first place?

And that is just the least of Rahm' sins this week. Later in the week it was revealed (or at least the narrative is being planted in the press) that Rahm Emmanuel told Eric Holder that trying terrorists in civilian courts in New York City was a really bad idea. My memory is a bit foggy, but I think the day after "Fucking Retard" hit the news, "I told Eric, and the President, and everyone who would listen not to try KSM in civilian courts" came out. It's CYA mode 24/7 in Rahm's office. If it means Eric Holder has to get knifed in the back, then that's the price of staying alive in modern White House politics.

Mr. Never-let-a-good-crisis-go-to-waste is not only insulting the intelligence of retards, he's insulting everyone else's, as well.

For being an insensitive prick and a back-stabbing asshole, Rahm Emmanuel is this week's Biggest Douche.

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