Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm Surprised it Wasn't Addressed, "Dear Dago Bastard...."

Remember what I said a day or two ago about how you go about getting loopy people to write you ridiculous e-mails that make no sense? Well, it's happened again.

What did I do? Why, I went ahead and wrote this pearl of wisdom:

"...there's a piece of the Far Right, which despite claims to the contrary, really is consumed by racism and stupidity.."

That was written in the context of the Tea Party and it's potential-future problems with members who have swallowed all the crap over Obambi's birth certificate.

Well, I got an e-mail written by someone with, at best, a sixth-grade education and perhaps five teeth. The dickwad who wrote it is probably lurking around here, just waiting to see if I I'll reprint it, so that he and his nosepicking, bedwetting buddies can have a good laugh at how they "outed the Pinko" -- I won't give them the satisfaction. Besides, I'm surprised that He was able to spell 'ass-munching Communist' , and 'cock-sucking Libtard', and probably without a spell-checker (that's how I know the writer is a 'He'; because he constantly challenged/questioned my sexuality -- to Far Righter's, being Gay is the next best thing to being Muslim. They fear Gays even more than the Devil himself, it's the worst accusation they can lob at you without quoting Scripture. And for the record: I'm straight, Ladies!). That sort of rhetorical brilliance, that beautiful use of the language, would have brought Cicero himself to tears with jealousy.

Anyways, the argument this douchebag was making was that the Far Right is always tagged with the epithet "racist", and He believed that nothing could be further from the truth. He has a point, and I should clarify some:

There's a difference between a Bigot and a Racist; a Bigot hates everyone who isn't part of his specific group or tribe, a Racist hates people because of their race. I should have written:

"...there's a piece of the Far Right, which despite claims to the contrary, really is consumed by bigotry and stupidity..."

Now, a second clarification; when I refer to the "Far Right", I'm referring to two specific sub-groups of people;

1. People who believe Pat Buchannan is a prophet, because, you know, even a broken clock is still right twice a day, and

2. The New/Old patrician-class republicans, the scions of what used to be called WASPs, who may appear to be slightly more hip, but they're every bit as bigoted as their forebears...they just manage to hide it a whole lot better, and besides, when you live in a gated community, you never rub elbows with the hoi polloi, anyway.

In Conservative website circles, these folks are known as the One-Percenters (the Buchannan folks), and sometimes, as the Country Club Repubs (the old money folks). Both descriptions invoke certain stereotypes, but if we've learned anything watching Je$$e and Al, stereotypes persist because they're largely true.

These are not the racists of the past; they aren't out in the streets shouting about integration, nor do they wear sheets and burn crosses (although they are usually incensed about immigration...right up until a Country Clubber needs a housemaid or pool cleaner), because they've been cowed into near silence on the subject by society as a whole; we've made a lot of progress from the days when you could openly call someone "Boy", "Heeb", or "Dago"; nowadays, these saucy Neanderthal Untermenschen might actually punch you in the mouth for such talk! Things were so much easier in the 1940's, when the Rabble knew it's place.

There is a vestige of bigotry left in these people -- to see it, all you have to do is scan a few 'Conservative' websites, and you'll find them without much trouble -- and there's no amount of reason or argument that will ever get through their bulletproof skulls.

The reason why they glommed onto the Birth Certificate nonsense has nothing to do with The Law and The Constitution. To begin with, while many of them vigorously claim to have a copy of the Constitution in their wallet or pocket, they apparently never read it; for they almost always either get the intent of the Founders grossly wrong, or adopt interpretations which are...shall we say, extremely liberal?... especially when it comes to things like whether or not they're entitled to own a machine gun, a bazooka, a flame thrower and a B-52. On most other subjects, they simply repeat what they've read on the Web, heard on their favorite Radio Show, or the usual propaganda that flows into their inbox from the usual grubby little Birch Society-inspired outlets. They're not great thinkers; they constantly regurgitate the same grievances and wishes to one another across cyberspace, often the same ones their fathers and grandfathers repeated endlessly at the dinner table.

Trust me; I spent five years arguing with them over at FreeRepublic. An original thought and a cold drink of water might actually kill some of these guys.

Anyway, they saw this birth certificate thing and they wanted to believe it in the worst way. They invested their emotions in it. Every One-Percenter on Earth was doing his level best to become the next Buckhead (Buckhead is the Freeper who discovered that the infamous GWB National Guard Memos were fake with his brilliant typewriter analysis....that's the sort of hobbies some of these guys have, besides a'shootin' and NASCAR...). It was the one way they might have delivered the (figurative) death blow to that Uppity Negro Who Had the Audacity to Run for the Presidency; why, he might have been born in Africa! The birth certificate had to be a fake, planted by an evil cabal of Leftists who groomed him like a Manchurian Candidate -- you know, the one with Denzel Washington, not the Original One With a White Guy. It simply HAD to be true; because McCain was such a rotten candidate and campaigner, and the country so rapidly headed for the crapper, that even the RINO John McCain was preferable to some Black any Black Guy. The alternative was too terrible to contemplate.

And they didn't even LIKE McCain, either! He just became the lesser of two evils by default. If these guys had their way, a 'real' Conservative would have stood for election, like Duncan Hunter or, or dare we dream?, Mike Huckabee...a guy with mediocre opinions, and no chance of victory, but at least he's a good Christian. These guys became disenchanted with the Republican party a long time ago; they opted for Perot in '92, they absolutely abandoned Bob Dole, and they were lukewarm on GWB until he said that Jesus was his favorite "political philosopher". The only time they ever truly loved the GOP was when Reagan said the magic words: "Prayer in Public Schools" and "Ban on Abortion". Naturally, they got neither, but they had no place else to go. Now they see a chance to dump the GOP altogether (since they've never been able to co-opt it, despite all the money and energy they've put into it), and take a flier on being able to properly 'shape' the Tea Parties (you'll notice that the individual Tea Parties that have sprung up haven't got much in the way of a common platform).

They often complain loudly that the GOP took them "for granted", and they very often scream about how they "owned the republican party" because of the cash and organized voting blocks of good little Evangelical stormtroopers they brought to the polls, and especially-incessantly about how they never got a "Real Conservative" to vote for (mostly because Francisco Franco is dead), and then they sulk about and cry, they sit home on election day, and then lament that RINO's have brought us a Black Communist. These very same people, the one's who bought this Birther Conspiracy hook, line and sinker, showed up in Nashville last week.

They love Tea Parties because they aren't The GOP, and the chance to take them over from the inside (something they could never do with the GOP) is good to pass up. The Tea Parties say all the right things about the fiscal part of Conservative ideology, but they'll be very disappointed when they discover that most Tea Partiers are probably not as socially conservative as they are, which is where the trouble will start. If the Tea Parties are ultimately successful, and they get what they currently want on the Economy, National Security, Federal Spending and Taxation, watch the One Percenters and Country Clubbers and Birthers crawl out of the woodwork and start tearing the Party asunder. Tea Partiers are people for Common Sense; the One Percenters and Country Clubbers are a bunch of self-appointed gatekeepers who believe in an America that only exists for those they judge fit to live in it.

Weed 'em out, National Tea Party, and perhaps your road to electoral success will be much easier, and the world will take your claim to be dedicated to the cause of Common Sense much more seriously.

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