Thursday, February 11, 2010

Salon Defends Racist, Leftist Birthers...

By trying to persuade you that people who voted for Hillary Clinton aren't really Leftists. Who should you believe, Salon or your Lying Eyes?

Here's the original article.

Let's just say this; if you supported Hillary Clinton, fought for her nomination, even going to the extent of threatening to implode the democratic party if she didn't get the nod --- then you're a Lefty. Probably one of those fully-committed mentally-suspect Lefties. You might as well wear a pink, neon-lit sign that flashes "LEFTY!", and no amount of obfuscation and denial will ever change that fact. Those who defend the PUMA's by saying that Birtherism is simply a mental disorder of the fringe right, without acknowledging that it was the Clinton supporters who went as far as to connive at it and hire people to propagate it, cannot reconcile this one. No matter how thin they try to slice it; the disease may have found a home in the political right, but it was the Left that were the carriers.

They have all but admitted that they tried to smear the guy; they tried to influence the electoral process by attempting to bring Obama's citizenship into question publicly. Note how they decided to question Obama's qualifications based upon his African Heritage, and not on his actual fitness for office. How do you decide which would have been more overtly racist, I wonder? Perhaps if they had gone the route of legitimately questioning his political accumen their woman might have won -- and we'd be laboring under a different kind of socialism right now. Everyone knows the Press failed in it's responsibility on that count. It might have happened -- completely accidentally --that the PUMAS would have performed a useful public service. Now, it looks simply like pettiness and veiled bigotry, which is basically what Leftist ideology is.

The Mask has dropped for a moment and we glimpse the true ugliness beneath.

If anything, that this issue has arisen probably shows that the Far Left and the Far Right probably have more in common then they think: they were both obviously willing to go to any extent, or believe and spread any lie, if the overall goal was to keep someone out of the White the expense of truth and fairness.

By saying that I'm raising some very uncomfortable questions about whether Lefties are truly concerned with truth, equality and fair play, and if those questions were ever answered openly and honestly, it's my considered opinion that there would be no more Lefties. They would virtually disappear overnight, exposed for the bullshit artists that they are.

I don't like Barack Obama; I think he whines too much, I think he's delusional in his policies and I believe that he doesn't know how the American government is supposed to work. Despite his reputation as a Constitutional Scholar/Lawyer, I have grave misgivings about whether he's actually read that document at all. But, being fair, he's been wronged in this case, and the crime was almost severe enough to cost him his opportunity to fuck up the country. We can survive Obama, we won't survive people like Dan Rather and the PUMA's.

I simply imagine how people would have felt if Dan Rather actually succeeded in smearing GWB in the Fake-Real National Guard Memo-gate. There would have been genuine outrage once the facts of the case and the source of the accusations became known, as there was, especially if Bush had lost .The fact that an election may have been tampered with by a gang of lunatics with an agenda would have angered Americans to no end, and would have gone against their sense of fair play and basic decency. Barack Obama, for all his other deficiencies, deserves -- at the very least -- the same consideration we'd reserve for ourselves in this matter.

You can rest assured that if the perpetrators of this hoax and attempt to steer an election were republicans or conservatives, the Justice Department and five gazillion pundits would be all over it.

If you think this is a defense of Obama, it ain't. It's simply a recognition that someone tried to cheat in a most despicable manner, and that even a dyed-in-the-wool Alinsky Communist deserves the courtesy of fairness.

It was a nice try, though, Mr. Koppelman.

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