Thursday, February 11, 2010

Why Every Home Should Have a Kathy Shaidle...

Because she's awesome, and finds stuff like this, this and this and lets us know about it.

Notice anything similar about these three articles, besides all the guys named Mohammed? They're all examples of how the right of Free Speech is being denied to citizens all over the world in the name of sensitivity to Islam. It's happening everywhere; our culture is being pulled apart brick-by-brick (and Free Speech is perhaps the most important brick in the whole bloody foundation) by people who want to kill and enslave us while they take advantage of all the things our culture offers them -- especially the welfare benefits.

They laugh at us while they plot our ultimate demise, and the ultimate victory of Sharia and their Pedophile Prophet, and his insane system of mind control.

We're not shooting enough of these people in Afghanistan or Iraq, and we've invited far too many of them into our society.

Drop in on Kathy at FiveFeetofFury. She's a treat!

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