Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Yes, Cowboy, We Really DO Miss You...

This billboard is hanging over I-35 in Wyoming. It sums up what, by now, must be a Nationwide Sentiment.

National Public Radio, naturally, is concerned about just who put that thing up. They seem to find it puzzling that anyone would pine for GWB when the Anointed One is busy running the nation straight into the ground. They fear some hidden political message or agenda. They've even gone as far as to ask their readers to investigate the origin of the billboard, perhaps the better to harass the people who paid for it.

Remember back in the days when liberals said that it was GWB and John Ashcroft who were a greater danger to your privacy and personal rights than terrorists were? Terrorists didn't hold an opinion counter to the prevailing one at NPR, I guess? Apparently, when NPR has an agenda or opinion which differs from yours, your life is about to be pried into by politically-motivated strangers -- they'll call themselves 'citizen-journalists' but they're really out to expose and hurt their ideological opponents -- with no legally-constituted authority nor safeguards.

These Uber-lib Stormtrooper types have no sense of humor or proportion, do they?

Nice picture, though!

Update: Doh! I really should read things more carefully, sometimes! That billboard is in Wyoming, Minnesota...not Wyoming the State!

It's also been discovered that the people responsible for the billboard happen to be a consortium of small business owners who are really, really pissed off at what the Obamatards are doing to them...and they wish to remain anonymous, for very good reasons.

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