Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Duh! They ARE KIller Whales...

Whale Trainer Killed At Sea World.

Telly (the apparently-guilty Whale) is kept in an as close an approximation to his native habitat as humans can contrive, supported by taxpayer and tourist dollars.

He is fed copious amounts of fish daily -- at no personal expense -- which relieves him of the "demeaning" necessity of having to hunt, and thus, work for a living. He receives free health care, the best available in the world.

He is treated as if he were something special, over and above your average mammal, protected by special legal status (are killer whales protected under the Endangered Species Act?), and surrounded by an endless array of "experts", who are only thus because they've never actually worked a day outside the Ivory Tower of Academia, in the Private Sector, who "study" his behavior and will ultimately explain this incident away with the "it's only in his nature.." or "how would you like to be cooped up...", or "The culture doesn't truly understand killer whales.." defense.

If Telly had two legs, could apply for food stamps and vote for Obama, his life would sound an awful lot like that of many of the "oppressed minorities" here on land.

No doubt President Obama will be on television tomorrow criticizing the SWAT team of having acted stupidly, profiling, and being "species-ist", before relenting to public pressure and bad approval ratings, and inviting them over for beer and a photo op.

It's a freakin' top-of-the-food-chain predator, so what did anyone expect? It's apparently more dangerous in it's taxpayer-and-tourist-supported sanctuary --under "professional and expert" supervision -- than any of my handguns ever were.

I don't feel sorry for Telly at all, and will shed no tears when he finally gets to the Cat Food factory.

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