Tuesday, February 23, 2010

When "A Commitment to Diversity" Kills...

Mark Steyn on Diversity and Murder.

The politically-correct-and-motivated concept of Diversity is not so much a quest towards creating a freer, more-inclusive and more-egalitarian society as much as it is a weapon in the arsenal of those who abhor both freedom and fairness. Diversity is not a tool used to help "oppressed minorities" -- it is a tool used to oppress White Males and extract concessions from them through the manipulation of guilt.

I've seen the effects of "diversity" up close and personal in my business career, and I can say this:

I never had a racist, homophobic, or sexist thought in my head before I was forced to attend sensitivity training. I've never been surrounded by a bigger crowd of whining pansies in all my life. The experience left me wanting to vomit and desperately needing to wash the stupidity off with a Brillo Pad. I became convinced in those 16 hours-over-two-days of Sensitivity Training, that many of my fellow human beings were little better than slugs, and most seriously-retarded slugs at that.

The true effect of all that "diversity" training and lip-service was that several tens of millions of dollars had to be spent, new "executive" positions needed to be created which were little more than sinecures, a great deal of money and effort had to be expended in order to set up Potemkin-like kiosk displays for Kwanzaa and Eid and Samhain. We, as managers, were expected to treat grown people like sensitive little children, smiling through clenched teeth at their often-petty grievances and mental constipation when we wanted to smash some heads like ripe melons. It was done not because the company had any real commitment to racial harmony, but because lawsuits are very expensive things.

"Diversity training" and "a commitment to diversity" are usually the responses of an organization who could care less about an individual's feelings, but needs to appear as if it does in order to keep Je$$e Jackass from busing in protesters to extort a check for Rainbow/PUSH. In the business world, a "Commitment to Diversity" is simply an expense; the cost of doing business, just like paying off politicians or letting the CEO use a gas-guzzling, super-expensive limousine to commute from the Upper West Side to Downtown and back everyday

In other endeavors like the murders at Fort Hood, we see what happens when diversity becomes the overriding goal, rather than the real core mission of defeating terrorism. Major Hassan wasn't a very good officer let alone a halfway-decent psychiatrist, but he did enable some bureaucrat to fill in the "Other" box on a certain form, and that kept the lawyers at bay and the Congressional Oversight Committee off someone's back. The "mission" of "encouraging diversity" became more important than the mission of winning a war against a system which is most certainly the most dedicated to anti-diversity you can ever expect to see in your lifetime.

Fourteen people died horribly at Fort Hood so that some bureaucrat could check "Other". They died because many people who were in a position to stop Hassan before he opened fire were more frightened of the consequences of hurting someone's feelings, or incurring the wrath of the bureaucracy, than they were in doing the right thing.

On Wall Street, you only lose money. In the military, you lose lives. The fact Major Hassan was Muslim became more important than whether or not he was actually on our side.

I think there should be a law that states that anyone who even uses the word "diversity" in the politically-correct sense should be taken out and burnt alive on Pay-Per-View.

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Sabra said...

Don't hold back, Matthew. Tell us how you really feel. "... anyone who even uses the word 'diversity' in the politically-correct sense should be taken out and burn alive on Pay-Per-View."

And yet, again, Matthew nails it. The whole point, that is. Diversity. A method to keep Jesse Jacka$$ from suing. Bingo!

I worked at a lawfirm in Durham, N.C. Durham is a very dark town. [Am I allowed to say that?] One day, during a casual conversation I said, "You women and your hair..." after finding out that one of the women there paid $250. for braids. Don't you know one of our execs came around the corner just as I said that and bam - I was off to diversity training within days. Yeah. The firm paid however much to send me to a special "diversity counseling" seminar. For what!? Waste of my time and the firm's money.