Friday, February 26, 2010

This Is Why I Don't Tweet...

Because every frickin' moron on planet Earth does. And they mostly tweet about the intimate bullshit of their daily lives, assuming that I would really want to know about it. I don't know what it is about this society we now live in, but the electronic revolution has resulted in a sort of revolting, 24/7/365 exhibitionism that apparently knows no bounds, and has no decency.

As if to prove it, we now have a woman who has live-Tweeted....her abortion.

Naturally, she considers what she has done to be some form of public service; she's "demystified" the practice of abortion for the rest of us, according to the article. I was perfectly happy being kept in the dark, thank you. if you felt the need to demystify anything, perhaps you could have clued us in as to what brand of cheap rotgut got some man blind and uncaring enough to actually stick something into you without a thick sheaf of re-barred concrete between you and he. I might want to avoid drinking that stuff.

That would have been a genuine public service, you see. Because I've seen cats puke up more attractive things than this woman.

What she's done is one-upped the rest of the Tweeting jerkoffs on the planet. This is what they do with Twitter, other than chat incessantly about nothing; (some) Tweeters engage in a competition to see who can do the most outrageous thing with Twitter, and they gain some sort of funky status and fame amongst themselves from it. Before, you might've only live-Tweeted more mundane events (the fact that you can only use 140 characters at a time kind of limits it's use in that regard, but I've now read of people Tweeting more serious, and outrageous events, as they happen; they give descriptions of disasters as they were happening, hell, I've even heard of one woman who live-Tweeted a bank robbery -- just exactly what I would do when armed felons came in,ordered me to hit the deck and then demanded cash,or they'll be gunfire. I'm positive that at some point a really dorky dweeb even Tweeted himself losing his virginity (hopefully he and the other young man involved had blood tests before they indulged).

Yeah, no one call 911 or perhaps lend assistance at the four-alarm fire; you need your fingers to Tweet it all.

The level of one-upsmanship gets ever more ridiculous and curious by the week. There's websites devoted to this stuff, keeping track of the most outrageous Tweets and so forth (don't think I'm listing any!), or giving the stupid an abundance of ideas on how to use Twitter in mischievous and retarded ways that it's inventors probably never anticipated. It's become an underground culture, complete with it's own pecking order, etiquette and celebrities.

But this goes way too far.

Depending upon your point of view on the topic of abortion, this woman has either Tweeted a description of events which mean nothing -- it's a useless clump of cells to you, after all, the procedure should be no different than if she had a wart removed from her backside, hardly worth the effort --or she has Tweeted a play-by-play of an assault and an act of murder.

Is she a social crusader "demystifying" abortion, or is she a material witness/accomplice?

That we even have to ask questions about things like this shows just how far gone we are as a species, and brought some sobering light upon some of the darker and dumber aspects of human nature.

And for the record: that woman is butt-ugly. I wouldn't screw her with a stolen pecker. That someone did only goes to prove that there's an awful lot of men out there that would fuck a catcher's mitt, if it held still and they were drunk enough.

Update: Random thought, but how long do you think it'll be before we find out this winner actually got pregnant for the specific purpose of Tweeting her abortion, attaining some measure of fame and perhaps, money? That would be one sick bitch.

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