Friday, February 26, 2010

Charlie's In Denial...

Charlie Rangel refuses to go, and tries that old bit where he uses weasel language to give the impression that he's really innocent and that his what-could-be-described-as-criminal- activities are all a big misunderstanding.

Sorry, Charlie. You can't polish this turd enough to make it shine again. Be a good boy now, and go to your room quietly. Oh wait, you have far too many rooms to choose from and might be confused; Would that be one of the rooms in your four rent-controlled New York City apartments, or one of the rooms in your Villa in the Dominican Republic...assuming someone's not renting that from you for some much-needed-and-not-to-be-reported-to-the-IRS-cash, of course. Well, maybe some corporate joe will come along and offer you a room...or three...somewhere in the Caribbean, your favorite. Seems to happen to you an awful lot... even if you never remember it.

Yes, I can see where this banishment thing might be difficult for many choices....

Well, allow me to make it simple for you: get off the public stage you fat, bloated, lying, crooked windbag. Write a letter of resignation and submit it. Get out while you still can. Your pals have done as much covering for you as they possibly could (I mean, they're already risking their phony-baloney jobs following Nancy, Harry and Barry over the cliff on Health Care, you really can't expect them to extend themselves more on your behalf). I mean, they fixed it so the IRS wouldn't charge you crippling interest and penalties like they would one of we peasants. They haven't tried to prosecute you for abuses of power, possibly for lying to the FEC, and for being a fat fuck (soon to be illegal under ObamaCare). Cut your losses, Charlie. The longer you hang around, the more you give people a reason to dig even deeper -- and who knows what else you have buried?

There's probably so much shit that you've forgotten at least half of it.

Does it have to come to that final indignity, Charlie? Do they have to impeach you? Do they have to prosecute you? You know half a dozen Universities and Wall Street brokerage and Law Firms will pay you a shitload to sit on their boards, so why stay in the House of Representatives, wounded, an easy target for the rest of your term and perhaps in a primary for your seat when that comes up? Do the right thing and quit while you can still get away relatively scott-free. Or are you dedicated to the idea that you're in too deep/entitled to keep that seat and Committee Chair that'll make you fight for them tot he bitter end?

Save us all the drama, Charlie. We know how this battle goes: your foes lay out your crimes, you call them racists. They present the evidence for your crimes, you get on the same dais as Al Sharpton and call them racists again. You eventually piss your critics off so badly that they start to demand your prosecution rather than just your resignation, and then you're truly fucked.

Do the right thing and leave while you may still do it of your own accord, Charlie.

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