Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Scott Who: 2012?

I do hate to be the one to say "I told you so..." ...but, fuck it! It's just too good to pass up: I fucking told you so! The Exuberance, as Alan Greenspan would have said, was a bit irrational. You should have done a little more research on this guy and asked some important questions first. All that exuberance gone to waste. I'll bet half the Tea Partiers lost their boner for his daughters when they heard the news.

What did you expect? I mean, how much vetting of this guy did you do before you jumped on his bandwagon and christened him a "real" conservative, and started printing the "Brown 2012" posters? Honestly, there was less info on this guy than there was on Barack Obama; many people thought of him as the Second Coming simply because they saw him as both the anti-Ted Kennedy, and as the way to prevent Harry Reid getting that 60th vote without having to resort to murder.

Scott Brown may yet "save" America from the Horrors of Obamacare, if only because stranger things have happened, like when life accidentally evolved from a random mixture of amino acids. Monkeys have been known to bang away at typewriters, and completely by accident, manage to re-create the works of Shakespeare, so the precedent is there certainly. The 60th vote is now irrelevant, in retrospect, it maybe always was: the dems look set to pass Obamacare bit-by-bit -- as earmarks and such buried within appropriations bills with the tactics of "Reconciliation" -- which only requires 51 Senate Votes. Honestly, $15 billion is not even an awful lot of money when you stop to consider that Obama's spending frenzy threatens a $2 trillion deficit, and a trillion a year deficits after that for as long as you care to count. But you have to wonder just how much of that $15 bil is going to Scott Brown's constituents. After all, he promised to be an independent voice for the people of Massachusetts; nowhere did he say he wouldn't vote for a Barack Obama boondoggle, or not take money the Tea Party folks consider taboo if that meant he couldn't do that.

He even repeated that "I will be an independent voice..." routine today, see:

"I came to Washington to be an independent voice, to put politics aside, and to do everything in my power to help create jobs for Massachusetts families," Brown said in a statement after the vote. "This Senate jobs bill is not perfect. I wish the tax cuts were deeper and broader, but I voted for it because it contains measures that will help put people back to work."

I mean, really, have we become so desperate and some so detached from reality that they were willing to toss their metaphorical panties at any political hunk that spoke the magic words? Because that's what the euphoria over Brown was akin to. You would have thought The Greatest Conservative Since Reagan was elected up there in the People's Republic of Taxachusetts, but he's turned out, very quickly to be...gasp!... a Politician.

There's this quote:

"They expected him to be a conservative when he's always been an independent..."He's representing his constituents".

Yeah, and I'll bet he just got struck off a whole shitload of Christmas Card Lists, too. "I'm serving my constituents" is the classic dodge, but I really loved this part:

"...(Willis) compared the mania over Brown to that which surrounded President Obama's campaign, saying that with both, there was an inevitable letdown.Supporters "weren't using their brains, they were using their hearts," she said. "When he didn't turn out to change the world, they felt betrayed."

Ouch, that fucking stings!

Tea Party folks, I'm with ya, really. But you gotta calm down a bit, and unbunch yer panties long enough to actually begin to think about what you do or say before you anoint someone The Next Reagan.

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