Sunday, February 21, 2010

Does This Mean It Isn't Bush's Fault Anymore?

The London Times has finally pinned down the overriding problem with the Obama Administration, which it believes explains it's heretofore stunning lack of success and progress;

It's The Chicago Mafia. Why, they're such a drag on Obama, they've even taken the fun out of the Washington Cocktail and Canape Circuit! Somehow, this little bit of nonsense got past the editor:

"What no one disputes is that Obama is extremely clever..." So clever that he's apparently surrounded himself with people who prevent him from achieving his goals? How clever is that? But, just in case you don't happen to buy that load of fertilizer, the Times has another theory to sell to you;

"The biggest hurdle may be Obama’s own ambition combined with lack of experience. A leading Democratic supporter described his administration as "unfocused", adding that he had counted 137 items on Obama’s agenda.

"He needs to realise that he’s running a huge operation and has to sequence priorities," said Clemons. "He’s not thinking like the chief executive of a complex organisation.""

You mean the Community Organizer is simply disorganized? You mean Chris Matthew's Vibrating Inner Thigh was wrong about this guy? Does this mean, in retrospect, that Sarah Palin actually did have more experience than Barack Obama?

Apparently, the people at the Times are not watching the same guy that I am. Far from being clever or disorganized, Barack Obama is simply incompetent. Take away his teleprompter, the carefully-staged events, the cheerleading Press, the over-the-top adulation of aging hippies and the easy-to-incite recipient classes, and what you have is a third-rate racial hustler with an Affirmative-Action law degree who doesn't have the sense to pour piss out of a boot...with instructions printed on the heel.

He was just smart enough to scam his way into the White House, or rather, to take advantage of American impatience with the status quo. More likely, the thing just fell into his lap. I think on some level, The Anointed One ever expected to actually win, and so had no real plan to go with the lofty rhetorical stuff. It didn't take long for us to see the real Obama; the committed Socialist, the irresponsible, the hypocritical, the finger-pointer, the indecisive, the Frequent Vacationer, the Man Who Believed His Own Press Too Much. In short, Obama couldn't lead a three year old to the crapper. The attempt to revive Camelot by the Press notwithstanding, Obama has always cast a very thin shadow, it's only when he's been given an opportunity by a very desperate electorate that we find out just how gossamer-thin it always was. The tragedy of Barack Obama will always be that the need to believe drove many to the point of suspending disbelief altogether. Chris Matthew's Tingly Inseam turned out to be a most-untrustworthy gauge of steely, responsible leadership, after all.

Who knew?

If we had an objective and reasonable Press in this country, they'd all be hanging their heads in shame and contemplating suicide today. They had the job of vetting of this guy, and they failed miserably. Mostly because they've been blinded by their own ideology and elitism...and they want to be. Then, after the damage is well-and-truly done, they sit around and try to figure out how things got so god-awfully shitty, and they start spitballing, and they come up with all sorts of excuses except the only one that makes sense: Barack Obama isn't qualified for this job.

There are a number of theories (really excuses) floating around the Internet and the media this week that try to explain how this unheard of phenomenon came about (Incompetent Boob beloved of the Press and Left screws up), and as they get tossed about there are some who eagerly snatch at this opportunity to apply some common sense, in retrospect.

On the Healthcare fisaco:
"Of course, the biggest disconnect is between the Obama administration and the American people. Americans have made it abundantly clear that they don’t want Obamacare. President Obama has made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t care."

The Ever-Popular Jimmy Carter Defense. And finally,

The "Good Help is Hard to Find" Defense.

This President, however, has finally run out of other people to blame, and excuses to make. It's about time to admit that he was hardly prepared to take this job, and that the added burden of accepting leadership of a country in deep economic crisis and simultaneous wars was beyond the ability of someone who's greatest attribute was that He Gave Great Speech. It's time now to listen to the American People, to ask the Adults for help, and to make sure that call for "Bi-partisanship" is genuine.

I rather doubt it will be.

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