Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baby Boomers Still Pot-Smoking Hippies...

No shit?

Ah, great. Now they'll be retired, collecting more money than they have a right to in Social Security, seeking free hip replacements and Viagra through Obamacare, voting to keep their super-sexually-active-unfettered-by-a-bum-prostate-or-osteoporosis-rock-climbing-mountain-biking-in-tight-spandex-old-age-lifestyle lavishly funded by the American taxpayer...and they'll be stoned, too.

Did any of these people ever grow the fuck up?

You know, I was watching Hannity tonight (which is hardly watchable without Alan Colmes to act as a foil and balance to Sean's repetition of the same three or four talking points a month routine, except that you get more S.E. Cupp and Noelle Nikpour...yum, yum!), and he had on two guys who are responsible for a film that was shown at CPAC, and which will hitting theatres in America next month, called "Generation Zero" which will show how the Baby Boomers basically fucked America completely up with their selfishness, stupidity and shortsightedness.

One gets the impression, if you spend enough time with the average Boomer, that they feel perfectly entitled to a) not accept a shred of responsibility for anything, and b) to be supported by their children and grandchildren, or the taxpayer, whichever they can scam first and preferably both, forever and ever. They also expect to live forever in perfect health, for free, even if it means you have to short-dick every cannibal on the Congo.

The average Boomer has absolutely zero concern or regard for anyone else.

Apropos of the movie Logan's Run; that's beginning to look like a very attractive and viable solution to the problem of the Me Generation.

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