Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another Tree Hugging Dickwad Dumps Wife, Film at 11...

This time it's a Kennedy, and there's a lot of alcohol involved, as usual.

What the story doesn't make clear is why Mary Kennedy drinks (probably because that would be too obvious a question to ask: what is it with Kennedy women and booze?), and of ocurse, they leave the best part for the very last sentence:

"Bobby and Mary married on a ship on the Hudson River in April 1994, just a few weeks after he divorced first wife, Emily Black."

I'm surprised that it lasted this long, and amazed that she didn't try to continue a long-standing Kennedy family tradition, and make arrangements for her sanctimonious douchebag of a husband's head to be ventilated. How hard could it be? Kennedy men practically attract bullets, when they're not Alpha-maling themselves into trees at high speed, or into the drink.

If this story follows the predictable track, we'll be hearing about the mistress or the alleged sexual assault within a fortnight.

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