Friday, July 16, 2010

This Just In: Dem Doofus Says "Maybe That Whole Messiah Thing Was a Bit Much..."

You can almost stop reading this after the opening sentence...

"President Obama is suffering from expectations set too high by the historic presidential election of 2008, one of his closest allies in the Senate said Thursday."

...because what's sure to follow is a cavalcade of bullshit that'll have you reaching for a shovel in no time flat. Like this pearl of wisdom:

"The bar for change was set inordinately high by the tone of the presidential campaign..."

That's what you get when you claim to be able to "fundamentally" transform everything and have the power to command the seas to stop rising. In fact, the greatest irony here is that the man who boasted that his elevation to the Presidency was the moment when Planet Earth would begin to heal, it's the Sea, The Gulf of Mexico, specifically, which made it apparent to those last few who hadn't recognized it before just how incompetent, how delusional, how unprepared, how lazy, and how stupid this man really is.

If you want to say something positive about Obama, you can at least give him credit for not claiming to be able to turn water into wine. Guess that one was already taken.

More stunning is that now that Barack Obama's unfitness for the Presidency has belatedly been discovered by his own party, it's not a moment for truthful reflection on their part, nor an opportunity in which to absorb a painful lesson which might cause democrats to re-evaluate their approach to governance and campaigning; it's simply a time to utter excuses without the merest hint of sincerity which leave you with the impression that many, McCaskill for certain, still think everything went just fine-and-dandy, but the Peasantry is simply too stupid to see it the same way.

Barack Obama didn't fail because Barack Obama was never more than a marketing scheme who gave great (written-by-someone-else) speech; He failed because the Great Unwashed Masses thought they were getting a Messiah instead of an Autocrat. Stupid voters! Wherever did they get that impression..?

And not to forget to harp upon a democratic party oldie-but-goodie, the brain-damaged Senator then adds this gem:

She also said Republicans had done a "very good job" in attacking Democrats by portraying them as a party of "big government."

Why, it's almost as if she's implying that republicans just might not be telling the truth, ObamaCare-Financial Reform-Takeovers of GM and Chrysler-controlling stake in AIG-Suing Arizona for Enforcing Federal Law-$787 Billion in useless Stimulus-Trillion-dollar deficits as far as the Eye Can See are all completely misunderstood benefits of government that us Mouthbreathers, easily led astray by Talk Radio and the Intertoobies, just fail to grasp.

I couldn't read any more after that, because I almost puked when I realized that this woman is a U.S. Fucking Senator, and she hasn't the same sense that evolution gave a chimpanzee. She's either so incredibly dense as to not see reality, or she knows she's talking out of her ass and doesn't give a Tinker's Turd. Either way, it shows you who is "in charge" of our country, and at the time when we need people to"take charge", all we have are stupid shameless liars, and those who proclaim their power over the forces of Nature -- and then find excuses to play golf when they're asked to live up to the hype.

If you needed yet more evidence that we're being led by clueless, disconnected aliens who couldn't find their own asses with both hands and a road map, try this on for size.

The Dimwits are going to have their asses handed to them in November, and they know it. There is nothing they can do, except to begin to propagate The Legend which will serve them well in their Self-Imposed Exile in the Politcal Wilderness. A new Generation of democratic (small 'd' intentional) die-hards will be sustained and nurtured by their own Mythology -- no one really understood that ObamaCare was truly good for them, Republicans Lied to the People, The Economy Would Have Recovered if it Hadn't Been for Rush Limbaugh, BP Spoiled Everything! -- ready to emerge at the time when the Republicans finally screw the pooch in their turn, and dems will rise from the wreckage ready to battle for the Future of America presenting a Revisionist version of the Past.

It's what they always do. The process is just starting a little earlier, this time.

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