Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dear New York State Pols...

The Voters Speak, and they say "YOU SUCK!"

Three comments on this poll:

a) It's sad that only 47% found it necessary to hand out an 'F'. That means the other 53% is probably feeding on the public tit one way or another, or is perhaps too stupid to avoid sticking their private parts in a wall outlet without a great big expensive government program to prevent it.

b) People are not so much mad at a 3-months-late state budget (late budgets are like piles of dogshit around here -- it's everywhere, and sometimes despite your best efforts, you can't avoid them). What they ARE mad at is that the assholes in Albany don't even seem to notice, or care, that the state is broke, and don't seem very interested in addressing or properly reacting to that sad fact of life. They seem determined to maintain the current level of unsustainable spending and increasing taxes to cover the costs. In some less-civilized places, this sort of thinking might get you shot. In New York State, and on Wall Street, it rates you a chauffeur-driven limo.

c) I'm absolutely shocked that Gov. Paterson only got an 'F' from 25% of those polled. That's a stunning number, and if I were Paterson, I could almost spin this into something bordering on a major accomplishment. This just goes to prove that in New York State, the blind (literally) do lead the blind. Of course, Paterson will never be re-elected and the Republican party can only manage Designated Loser Rick Lazio to put up against Andrew Cuomo, so we're about to get the Venal and Stupid to lead the blind, which in our sorry state, is almost a 1,000% improvement.

In other New York State Political News, we read of the achievement of Kirsten Gillibrand, who somehow managed to raise $2 million for her campaign for the Senate. The same article goes on to explain that Gillibrand has $7.2 million on hand to run for the Senate Seat she currently holds, and never once does this article attempt to explain to it's good readers just how it is that such a total dumbass, political hack, who's job description reads "Chuck Schumer's Yes Girl", has managed to raise that sort of money without once mentioning "kneepads" and "KY Jelly".

This is approximately three times what the richest of her potential Republican opponents has on hand, and that guy is facing a three-way primary fight for the GOP nod.

If you ever needed any more proof that the politics of this state, no the politics of the Entire Nation, are a cesspool of corruption, then this is it. Non-entity Kirsten Gillbrand has $7 million dollars to buy votes with, but not a single Senatorial accomplishment to her name. She was selected to be a place-holder for Hillary Clinton when the Crusty Ol' Black Pantsuit became Secretary of State, and in that short period of time Gillibrand has apparently learned the art of separating democratic-party advocacy groups from their cash, and accomplished very little else.

The only hope is that the decent people of New York come out in droves and throw the douchebags in the Legislature out of Office, and put up enough votes to override the Permanent Underclass' tally and so protect us from the Cuomos and Gillibrands of this world. I don't hold out much hope.

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