Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Screaming "Movie" In a Crowded Firehouse...

It must really suck when your only purpose in life is to sit around and wait for someone to yell "Nigger", and then be continually disappointed when no one obliges you. I mean, it would be an easier life if those guys just put the sheets back on, really. Whatever is this world coming to when the Klan is embarrassed to be seen in public; A (half-) Black Man who five years ago you would have said wasn't "authentically Black" enough (but then suddenly became so just as soon as he won) is in the White House; and worse, some of the Brothas are crossing well-established lines to stand in solidarity with the Blue-eyed Devil over in that Tea Party thingy.

It's almost as if you have nothing to do, and have to make up controversies just in order to keep the donations flowing in.

No, it's not easy insisting Amerikkka is a racist country.... when it won't co-operate and be racist.

Like the Post Office, the NAACP is slowly circling the bowl but just hasn't realized it yet. Can't happen fast enough. Like the Post Office, it's a reminder of a Bygone Age, rapidly fading. The attachments to the NAACP are more emotional, nostalgia, than anything else, for it holds a certain place in the minds and hearts (and habits) of millions. When the last of the generation that remembers Jim Crow is finally laid to rest, there will probably be no one left in America who will have first-hand experience of actual racism, instead of the fake, contrived kind served up by any number of "reverends" and "Community Activists" every day. Now a once-illustrious organization, is more-or-less forced to follow that script, and create rancor where none exists just to justify itself. I'm surprised that they didn't stuff a teen-aged girl into a garbage bag with "KKK" scrawled in dog excrement upon her stomach....complete with spelling errors... and charge some innocent Cracker Cops with rape and kidnapping. Because if you're going to make shit up to give the appearance of racism where none exists, you have to go all the fucking way.

Half-measures are for suckahs.

Remember what I said earlier this week -- that second "A" is supposed to stand for "Advancement", but it's clear the NAACP is mired in the morass of the past; without the sort of virulent, in-your-face-and-up-your-ass racism that once existed in this country (and which is largely gone) the NAACP has no reason to continue to exist. It can only try to keep the memory of the glory days a bald, aging, pot-bellied former rock star on that second or third Farewell Tour...even if it has to contrive the circumstances under which the battles that were already won get fought all over again.

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