Friday, July 16, 2010

NAACP Wants Black Kids Kept Stupid...

It wants this so bad that it joined a lawsuit to keep 19 failing New York City schools open, even though they won't have enough students in them to justify the expense.

This is just another example of how democratic party politics often works, and works against the interests of the very people, "the Poor", "Working Families", "the Children", they claim to want to serve. The alliance between the NAACP and the UFT here in New York City that brought about this amazing state of affairs should be no great mystery to anyone who knows the politics of this city.

The State decided that 19 schools were underpeforming so badly that they should be closed. This is one of the things the State Department of Education is supposed to do; it's called accountability. However, since closing those schools means laying off or reassigning Union Teachers, the UFT will, naturally, fight such a thing tooth-and-nail -- it's job is to make sure as many union members as possible are on the payroll to waste tax dollars, and pick up fat paychecks which can be skimmed for Union Dues.

Naturally, since the schools to be closed were largely in "minority"school districts, the majority of the teachers facing the axe were probably minorities, as well. Which is where the NAACP comes in; even brothas and sistahs who can't add, spell or read, let alone teach others to do those things, are entitled to collect the same inflated salary for7 1/2 months of work that their white counterparts do, and never mind accountability. Accountability is a tool The Man uses to Oppress Us .

In the meantime, the parents who actually give a shit about their kid's education did the logical thing and registered their kids in other schools, knowing that the one they usually go to will have been, thankfully, closed for poor performance. What's left to attend those schools is a shining example of one of the primary reasons why public education so often fails; those kids' parents were either, strangely, satisfied with the lousy state of the failing schools, or didn't even care enough to re-register their kids at a school that would be open, come September.

More concerned about the fate of really bad Minority teachers -- many of whom probably don't belong in a classroom -- the NAACP took actions which will ultimately only hurt the students. In years to come, when the NAACP predictably cries about disparities in education, or the lack of Black PhD's, it will always insist that "racism" or a"lack of funding" is to blame, and conveniently forget that it does it's bit to ensure rotten schools stay open in the name of keeping unqualified blacks on the public payroll, even if that means dooming black children to an inadequate education.

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