Monday, July 12, 2010

How Would You Fix It? Part II

My apologies for posting this several days late: Life intruded, as if often does, and I had no time for blogging.

Here are some observations about four new subjects, Race Relations, Energy, the Two-party system, and the BP Oil Spill. I hope to explain my extreme and diseased views on these subjects, and then tell you what I think should be done about them by We The Citizens, because depending upon government to solve these issues is sort of like asking your Golden Retriever to do your taxes -- he might by pure chance get it right, but he's far more likely to slobber and drool, and leave muddy paw prints upon the forms, if he hasn't already used them to take a dump on.

As to how We The Citizens are to affect these changes is something I cannot tell you. I've thought about the how, but then I realize that actually making these changes would require the entire culture be uprooted and replaced. We live in a modern culture which rewards the stupid and the lazy, mostly because it has been created BY the stupid and the lazy, for the benefit of other stupid and lazy people. While there are brilliant and innovative minds at work in America (despite the best efforts of Barack Obama to drive them out of the country), they increasingly turn their talents towards making life easier, without making it any more tolerable; you can get an iPhone app to figure out your four-way lunch bill in a restaurant, saving you the trouble of learning math. You can take a pill to control your cholesterol, cure your vaginal dryness, or lose weight without having to make drastic "lifestyle changes". The Digital Revolution makes for better communications and more efficient use and exchange of information, but no one seems to get any smarter, or to even listen to one another, anymore.

The only solution that I can imagine which might start to affect the cultural change we require is by that of personal example (if only because a carefully-planned program of street executions might not go over so well). If ONE person changes the way he or she lives and the choices they make, then perhaps someone else will see them do it, and likewise make the same changes. That's a very long shot, indeed, but it's better than the alternatives (depending on government, or Oprah).

Without further ado;

A) Race Relations
1. Slavery was abolished a long time ago. Jim Crow is dead. There have been Civil Rights Acts, Voting Rights Acts, Welfare Statism and Affirmative Action up the wazoo. If African-Americans still feel they haven't progressed (despite the evidence to the contrary), then we're probably no longer dealing with the lingering effects of victimization and "institutional Racism", and are more likely dealing with a mental illness, and a reflexive habit. The next time I hear an African-American scream "Racism!" I'm giving him the number of a really good psychiatrist. I'm tired of being made to feel guilty (doesn't work anymore!) and being made to pay for something I did not do and which is now well-and-truly in the past, and now which only serves as a poor excuse for the worst of behavior. I say to African-Americans: it's the 21st Century, come to the front of the bus -- and stand with the rest of us.

2. There is an entire generation of "Civil Rights Leaders" and countless organizations who constantly beat the "Racism" drum because it's been made economically- and politically-rewarding for them to do so. The truth is that Jesse, Rev. Al, and Rev. Wright have not changed a single thing for the better for anyone -- let alone their own race -- for over 40 years. At what point, do you think, someone will have the balls to stand up and say "Hey, this doesn't work. Can we try something else?". Even the NAACP, where one of those A's supposedly stands for "Advancement", is still attached to the rhetoric and "solutions" of years gone by. "Solutions", incidentally, which have only deepened the psychosis of a people who have apparently been taught that the answer to every problem in life is to hold your hand out and demand something you haven't earned -- or you'll pitch a riot.

3. The election of Barack Obama at first appeared to be a sign that America was finally beyond race; Americans had finally elected a (half-) black man to the highest office in the land. In hindsight this now appears not to have been an exercise in fairness and equality, but an act of desperation. The future was bleak in November of 2008, and the only other choices were a man who might not know what day of the week it was, and a modern-day Mussolini in a Black Panstuit encumbered by a horndog husband who would fuck a catcher's mitt, if it held still long enough, and the Secret Service could keep it a secret. That desperation gave us a President who was thoroughly unprepared, lacking common sense or knowledge of how the government actually works, a background sufficiently muddled so that even he can't explain it, and who somehow managed to graduate Harvard with a degree in Constitutional Law without apparently ever having read that document. In office, President Obama seems more interested in playing golf and enjoying the perks of office, rather than in actually doing the job for which he was hired, and when he actually does it, the results are about what you would expect from a brain-damaged four year old working with a hammer and a chainsaw.

In effect, Barack Obama has become the visible symbol of every negative stereotype that Whites ever held about blacks; He's an unqualified Affirmative-Action Baby who never held a real job in his life and who won't do this one, if he can avoid it. However, he has no trouble picking up a paycheck for as long as he can decently get away with it, all the while being paid the back-handed compliment of "he speaks so well...." from the upper crust of Libtard hypocrites. To hear Obama speak now -- far from the days when people were probably paid to faint at his speeches for dramatic effect -- all you can now hear is the constant repetition of a single theme -- "It's All Whitey's fault" -- in which George W. Bush, Wall Street, British Petroleum, the Republican Party, Religious people, Gun Owners, Law-and-Order conservatives and Immigration reformers all stand for "Whitey". Now you know just what effect Rev. Wright had on the man who sat in the pew for 20 years but mysteriously didn't hear nuffin'.

If Barack Obama survives his term in office (and by that I mean avoids impeachment, the ravages of hypertension, and the synapse-crushing banality of Joe Biden) he will probably have done more to set race relations back than any other individual now alive. He may be the first (half-) black President of the United States -- but he may also very well be the last one forever. Just remember that when it comes time for African-Americans to complain (due again in about 15 minutes) that "We never got a chance". These problems didn't appear overnight, and Obama knew there were two wars and an economic crisis when he lobbied for the job claiming to have all the answers, so he can't complain now. And neither can African-Americans who wanted a Savior but are forced to support a Scoundrel solely on the basis of a racial affinity system that they constructed themselves.

4. Instead of selecting Barack Obama as your hero and life-example, you might want to re-consider the example of Gansta Rappers -- stripped of the veneer of their"music" and "art"; unlike the President, these guys at least understand economics and Capitalism better than most Ivy-League educated Economists, obviously work hard to build their little empires, and are probably smart enough, in their own ways, to have been anything they desired had they not chosen "rapper" as a career path. Even if they have made their fortunes selling cultural poison, they were at least honest about their motives: Dollah-Dollah, biotch!

5. To All my Mexican "Amigos" (the ones leading the unwanted invasion); we Gringos don't owe you anything either, and the Southwest isn't "your" country anymore. While the Southwest USED to be your country, you lost it. You lost it because Mexicans couldn't make it economically viable, and so you had to import Gringos -- Gringos with a history of fighting for liberty, the rule of law, and personal notions about individual rights and the prerogatives/limitations of government -- to do it for you. You mistreated them, and so they did what came naturally to them; they revolted. You lost the War. Your leaders bankrupted your country in the process, and the territory they didn't lose in War, they sold off to cover their debts. To Us Gringos. Get over it. Your country is still economically moribund, and you still live in it and we don't, so try to figure out if there's a common theme there. We're not "stealing" from or "oppressing" you. Accept this basic truth, and you'll no longer be laboring under the delusion that you're magically entitled to something for nothing, and you might be motivated to make your own home a better place.

6. Mexico is a shithole because Mexicans made it so, not Yanquis. Mexicans accept corrupt government, massive criminal activity, and a "manana" culture. They do not value education, the rule of law, and use every convenient vertical surface as a toilet (like the landscaper I caught pissing in my neighbor's hedges this past week, and the "immigrant" children who play pissing games in the streets around here). While many pro-Illegal Immigration advocates raise the battle cry "They're only here for a better life!", left unanswered is the question "Then why don't they create one for themselves in their own country?". If there's "tension" between Whites and Hispanics, it's because Hispanics have brought that lack of values (and sanitation) to America with them, and then have the cojones to demand that we accept it. Remember: you're not "Doing Jobs Americans Won't Do", you're "Doing Jobs Americans Won't Do Because They Suck, Pay Badly, and Don't Come With a Dental Plan", so who's really benefiting? I wonder what we'll do with 12 million parasites in the future when lettuce gets picked by machines, the MLS finally shuts down, and the really smart people switch to rock gardens, and home-grown vegetables.

B) Energy Policy
1. It's time to go nuclear, baby, and not just on Iran. All the "No Nukes" faggots who ran around in the 70's and 80's, who helped to kill a more widespread nuclear power industry in this country, are probably the same deranged idiots who run around screaming about that Global Warming/Freezing/Flooding nonsense. The irony here is that by resisting the push for nuclear energy, you probably condemned Mother Gaia to another several decades of nasty pollution. Not only that, now that we're at a point in history where a change must be made (but not for the reasons you want it to be), if there ever IS a move to increase the number of nuclear power plants in this country we'll be several decades behind in terms of technology, efficiency and expected costs. Good going, Douchebags! Until the "Green Movement" is purged of it's sanctimonious-and-clueless Watermelon Faction (Green on the outside, Red on the Inside, All-wet-and-slightly-slimy-throughout), or they're all beaten into deep comas, we'll never have a better answer to the problems of Energy Independence and pollution, because every solution offered will never be good enough to appease these absolutist assholes. They are the modern-day equivalent of Calvinists.

By the way, morons, in case no one told you; Carbon Dioxide is a gas which is essential to the continuance of Life on this planet. If you try to artificially restrict it or prevent it from being generated, you will be killing billions of your fellow creatures -- especially the one's you're always trying to "save".

2. Alternative fuels and sources simply must be found. Current "Green" alternatives (wind, solar, ethanol, etc) are merely stopgaps, or at best, adjuncts. None is capable of becoming a dominant source of energy like fossil fuels, simply because these forms cannot generate the sort of power we demand as efficiently or as inexpensively. It is up to the Public to advocate for serious investment in viable alternatives by putting their money where their mouths are, as it were, with their investment dollars, their votes, and by pushing Energy companies to respond to the needs of a changing marketplace and attitudes (that will never be allowed, because that would be, like, The People exercising their freedoms!), without giving into the more ridiculous demands of the "Save the Earth, Kill All the People" fringe of Tree Huggers.

3. Until such time as an alternative to fossil fuels is found, it is necessary to increase domestic production of oil, coal, and natural gas. Fuck the caribou in ANWAR; they don't pay taxes. Fuck the fish, they don't vote; let's gets some more hydroelectric dams up and running. Coal is cheap, and can be burned cleaner than ever before, by a process that is probably cleaner than most people's bathrooms. Natural gas is so abundant that it's amazing that there aren't gas-powered television sets already, We can even siphon the methane out of the Everglades and garbage dumps. We'll need to have a "carry-over" period between when energy is created in abundance by alternative means, and when the Internal Combustion engine goes the way of Teddy Kennedy, and we already have a great deal of what we'll need right here at home. Make use of it.

4. What's wrong with this scenario: America's best minds are fully capable of inventing drugs that give old men erections that no woman in her right mind wants any part of, but the same minds seem incapable of solving the problems associated with energy? People who will complain loudly about $3 gasoline, and consider it a grave economic burden, apparently have no issue with the $25 dollar-a-pop hard-on, so I guess that's where the money goes, and so, naturally, that's where all the talent and brainpower goes, too. Priorities, on both sides of the equation, are seriously skewed.

C) The Two-Party System
1. One party robs from the Rich to Give to the Poor, and considers it an act of "fundamental fairness". The other Robs from The Rich to Give to the Rich-er, and calls it a "Free-Market Economic system". Neither actually believes what they say, for if they did, their policies would not have produced the results they have; two sub-populations of dependants -- one lining up for government cheese, and the other for Corporate welfare, at the expense of those in the Middle, the very backbone of the American Economy. Once this premise is accepted, it becomes so much easier to understand why the Tea Party exists and has become a popular, and electorally-viable alternative, in such a short time.

2. Social Utopianism based upon redistribution of wealth, only redistributes poverty. The class of "The Rich", gets defined ever more expansively, and the scope of the redistribution widens and deepens, sucking all the ambition and creative energy out of life. I guess this is why the democratic (small 'd' intentional) party can claim that it's best equipped to "fight for the poor" ; it certainly knows how to make them poor. The sooner the democratic party is brought kicking-and-screaming into the 21st Century by a thorough purging of it's extreme, Pink left, the better to disabuse it of it's 19th Century ideas. That can only be accomplished at the ballot box.

3. Most aspects of Conservatism are approaching the symptoms of mental disease in which it's greatest advocates seem to remember a "Golden Age", which never really existed in quite the way they remember, or rather choose, to remember it. Those that believe in this premise are caught between two antithetical ideas: a) there can be technical progress, and a general increase in living standards, without a corresponding change in social mores, and b) that time travel is possible -- but only into The Past. The sooner the Republican party is dragged kicking-and-screaming into the 21st Century, and out of the 1500''s, the better. The sooner the Republican party stops looking for "The Next Reagan" and concentrates instead on "The First Man with A Grasp of Our Current Realities", it would be even better. This, too, can only be accomplished at the ballot box.

4. Though both parties claim to abhor "Special Interests" neither is anything BUT a coalition of Special Interests. The Libtard party is a coalition of narrow, self-interested groups (Gays, Women, Blacks, Labor, Abortion Chicks, etc), and so is the Fuddy-Duddy Party (Religious bigots, The Machine-Guns-and-RPG's-For-Everybody-Crowd, Small Business owners, The Law-and-Order-at-all-costs zealots, those who can remember when Cowboys slaughtering Redskins on TV was considered "Wholesome Family Entertainment"). Both parties accept scads of money from entities that are often diametrically-opposed to what they claim to stand for; Wall Street funds democrats, those who hire illegal immigrants against the law support the party of Values. The Media supports the party that would destroy it's Independence and profitability in a heartbeat, while advocates for Free Markets support the party that does everything in it's power to ensure that markets are neither free, nor fair, and creates an atmosphere where outright theft is allowed because enforcing the law is "bad for business.".

One party holds itself out as the defender of Working Families while it plunders their wallets to support the Non-Working Families, and the other claims to be a paragon of Family Values and Fiscal Responsibility while it's members solicit gay sex in airport bathrooms, grope the Congressional Pages, cheat on their wives, and vote to pump taxpayer money into failing companies in order to "save the American economy". Seems to me that if you want to save anything, you don't throw money at failure, either the corporate or the social kind, and especially not the political kind. The sooner we hold both parties to their rhetoric by paying attention to their actions, the more accountability and honesty we'll get from these dimwits, because they certainly understand the meaning of "Unemployment Line" -- they've only combined forces to send 8 million people there in the last two years.

5. Campaign Finance Reform MUST be repealed, as it protects incumbents and makes it near-impossible to challenge the status-quo in our politics. Many good people, perhaps people with actual talent and ideas, are being artificially kept out of public service by CFR, the better for Senator Asshole and Congressman Dingleberry to keep eating at the public trough, and to reward/punish their political allies/foes with taxpayer-funded goodies. The sooner we get rid of CFR, the sooner we can get some new blood and new ideas, into American government.
A third party -- and why not? -- a fourth and a fifth are most sorely needed; we can have a Tea Party, and of the other two, one can contain all the aging hippies, and the other can be chock full of the ancient and pious hypocrites, and both will be so marginalized as to eventually disappear from the poilitical scene completely.

D) The Gulf Oil Spill
1. The federal Government has shown it's inability to co-ordinate any action in the face of a major disaster. For all of you douchebags who blamed George W. Bush for the slow federal response to Hurricane Katrina, now you can stand up and say you're sorry, given the even more pitiful perfomance of the Obama Government. Local government and private citizens have done more, or at least would have, if they weren't prevented from trying by the Feds. Cleanup would have been more efficient had the Feds accepted all the offers of international help, and had not been beholden to the labor unions. Dispersants and certain other cleanup measures would have been in place, and doing useful work, if it wasn't for the EnvironMENTALIST's influence on the levers of power, and OSHA dictating 20-minute work hours. BP would probably have been more forthcoming on the how's and why's of this spill, if the Justice Department hadn't been screaming"LAWSUIT!" for polticial purposes, and the Administration wasn't trying to shake them down before letting BP take care of it's primary responsibility: stopping the leak, and cleaning the shit up.

2. BP fucked up, but the Federal Government fucked up more, only faster, more-expensively, on a grander scale and in front of the video cameras. It's time for a booster shot of Federalism, and a new dose of State's Rights. When it becomes the job of the Federal Government to do everything, it manages to do nothing, only spectacularly and with ruinous expense. If we've learned anything after 9/11, Katrina and now this Oil Spill, it's that government functions on about the same level as a retarded Irish Setter, is totally detached from the issues/problems of the people who pay for it, and has so many competing bureaucracies involved in every aspect of our lives that meaningful and effective action on most subjects is next to impossible.

3. BP, more as a result of the Obama Administration's attempts to publicly punish the company in an effort to cover it's own ass, has sent the company to the brink of bankruptcy (this Administration is really good at that). Today's paper reveals that Exxon-Mobil is poised to scoop up what's left of BP, creating an even bigger, richer and less accountable corporate entity. It would have been better had someone reminded President Dickhead that the main thrust of "government action" should have been cleanup, preventing the destruction of beaches, shorelines and marshlands, protecting and helping American citizens, and he left BP to the task of actually stopping the leak. But that would have meant no COngressional Hearings, and no Golf, I guess. Instead, we got a lot of talk about "Relief Funds", lawsuits, and the Savior of the Universe being unable to suck the oil up with a straw. If I were the CEO of BP right now, I'd throw my hands up in the air, yell "Fuck it!" and take my millions to go live on a nice, tropical beach somewhere, and let the all-powerful-all-knowing-in-charge-from-the-18th-hole-and-clueless Barack Obama clean up my messes -- the ones he's made infinitely worse -- for me. After all, he's the one who supposedly came with the cape and the halo, and you're just a guy in an exquisitely-tailored suit.

But then again, Mr. BP CEO; you often get what you pay for, don't you? That doesn't help the fishermen and resort workers on the Gulf, but they're just "little people", right? Even Obama, by his actions, has said so.

Next time, I'll have a go at the Eductational System, Foreign Policy, and the process of "Enstupidation" (thank you, Fred Reed, for inventing the term).

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